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Are Dominic Scaia’s FTM Post-Op Bare Chest Videos Too Racy For YouTube?

Dominic Scaia is a trans man who had a helluva time convincing Facebook that bare chested photos of himself were not X-rated, because after all, he no longer had breasts, and the exposed areolas belong to a post-op dude. Now he’s going through the same routine with YouTube.

In January Facebook deleted his post-op chest photos, only to apologize after public web outcry. And then the site did it again. Now it’s YouTube’s turn to feel the wrath.

Scaia tells Queerty YouTube deleted the video April 23; it had been online since mid-December and received some 40,000 views. The 27-year-old Canadian has been showing off his new look on the web in what we’d say is a pretty damn courageous share — and something tools like YouTube were built to do.

“I have been in transition for three years. Been on testosterone for over 2 years, and have had my breasts removed, and had a hysterectomy,” Scaia tells us. “I’m an activist for many issues. Anti racism/fascism, LGBT rights, anti-homophobia, anti transphobia, transgender rights. I am passionate about educating people about transgenderism/transsexuality in order to help people understand, and also to eliminate hate crimes and discrimination against trans individuals.”

About the video above, which was reinstated after bloggers at the website Bilerico Project reached out to YouTube:

At the time the video was taken, I was two and a half weeks post-op. My chest was bare, and I was wearing jeans. It wasn’t really gory, and most certainly contained no nudity, seeing as, I had no breasts anymore.. I had the chest reconstruction specifically to create a male chest, after all.

It was just me talking with my shirt off.. updating people on my recovery. I know 100’s of other transguys who have videos of their bare post-op chests on YouTube.

Yes, I’m a larger guy, and my chest is a bit puffy in the video, but my pecs are NOT breasts. All breast tissue was removed during the surgery.. so any fullness in it in the video is swelling or fatty tissue.

I had a lot of comments on the video from people who thought I was a male-to-female transsexual who just had a boob job and was showing it off.. and many of them said they were going to report the video.

A lot of time went by and the video wasn’t removed, and I was also offered a partnership by YouTube for that video, because it had so many views.. so I thought everything was okay and that the video wouldn’t be removed.

Note: A “partnership” means that YouTube sees the viral power of your videos and wants to earn cash (and share some with the video’s creator) by selling ads against it. They don’t offer these deals to content creators they want to censor.

Most bizarrely, says Scaia: “So far, they’ve only removed one of the videos where I show my chest – the one with the most views. There is actually another one on my youtube account that I would say is worse than the one they actually removed. In this video, I’m having my drains, bandages, nipple covers, and some stitches removed.. and having my chest re-bandaged and such. And yet the one of me just standing there talking was removed. … The bottom line here is that my chest, and the chest of the other guy who had his video removed, are male chests.. and since male chests aren’t considered nudity, they should be allowed on YouTube, no questions asked. Yes, mine contained some scabbing and such, but nothing overly gory.. and I have seen videos on YouTube of people popping their boils and squeezing the pus out, live births, people being beheaded, dead babies, actual surgeries IN PROGRESS, etc.”

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