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Are Pasadena City College Trustees Trying To Scapegoat A Student Leader For The Dustin Lance Black Debacle?


Oscar-winning screenwriter, boyfriend of supertwink Tom Daley, and Pasadena City College alumnus Dustin Lance Black was recently disinvited from giving the commencement speech at the school after news of those ancient sex pics got back to the Board of Trustees.

Now a student leader is coming forward and claiming that he’s being unfairly blamed for the entire brouhaha.

Student Trustee Simon Fraser sent an email to the board where he slams Board President Anthony Fellow, the leadership, and claims that he warned them of the possibility of this all happening when the invitation was rescinded:

“The reason why I sent the email to the trustees in the first place was because I became aware, not an hour ago, [Friday night] that Dr. Fellow was using me as the blame guy for the whole debacle. I want to categorically state that Dr. Fellow’s assertions are not true…I can not fathom why the district has decided to blame me. Why Dr. Fellow decided to also blame one of his colleagues for this when it was clearly his decision to not invite Mr. Black.”

Fellow has dipped into hot and potentially homophobic water with some of his comments linking the Black situation to current sex scandals the school has been embroiled in, and the attempt to scapegoat an openly gay student leader only adds fuel to the fire.

There’s more to the story at the PCC Courier‘s website, including some accusatory and vaguely homophobic back and forth messages between Fraser and other students, and Black continues to voice his displeasure via the Courier and social media.

Seems like Fellow’s decision has come back to bite him in the ass, as this would’ve gotten less attention had they just let DLB give the commencement speech. Now, it’s turned into a bigger mess than Virginia.

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  • Cam

    They should be more worried about convincing people that you can become a huge success after going to their community college then that some people may be offended that apparently somebody they invited to speak has had legal, consensual, sex.

  • barkomatic

    This is typical behavior at universities/colleges. Something bad happens and the finger pointing begins. It’s a game of musical chairs and when the music stops you better have a seat.

  • hotboyvb81

    still waiting to see if DLB figures into the Singer scandal- they said they were naming more people in the ‘rng’ and we know he went to those parties and likes teenagers.

  • hotboyvb81

    well- the graduation is all about Black- the students aren’t important!

  • stanhope

    @hotboyvb81: he’s a bottom doll…so he’s probably safe. LOL

  • ingyaom

    Justin Bieber called – he wants his hairstyle back.

  • Stephen M

    Black’s taste for barely legal tail (which predates Tom Daley) and his friendship with Brian Singer may have something to do with this.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Stephen M: Well more names have been released and Black’s name isn’t on there. And as was pointed out Black is a bottom, he may like them young, but how much can you do to physically force somebody to top you?

  • Doughosier

    Why are all these successful gay, potential role models all chasing after barely legal boys? It’s embarrassing.

  • Raquel Santiago

    Historically, and yes i say this because i have seen it before and being a student leader at SFSU it happens far too often, a school is going to protect its faculty over the student and will throw anyone under the bus who gets in their way. Have seen this happen far too often, but its still too early to say whether that is the case here.

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