According to a recent report by the Williams Institute, 38 percent of LGB employees have experienced workplace harassment due to their sexual orientation and more than one-third of all LGBs aren’t out to any of their co-workers. Women and minorities still face workplace discrimination despite laws against such treatment, so it’s unrealistic to expect an Employee Non-discrimination Act (ENDA) to change these number dramatically, especially since we won’t see ENDA passed for some time. Just another reason to hate work…

Some folks tell flamboyant employees to “tone it down” or not to “mention their personal lives at work.” But when everyone else gets to wear wedding rings and talk about their girlfriends and boyfriends at work, the tone is decidedly personal. But while one’s sexuality is their own business and one’s work should speak for itself, inevitably you’ll end up working alongside a prejudiced meathead. So what’s the solution? Being loud and proud to push every co-worker towards acceptance, telling one or two trusted colleagues, or quietly working and never letting on about your sexual identity?

We imagine the statistics would be even worse for openly HIV-positive employees.

Thumbnail image credit Bill Dimmick

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