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Arizona Protesters Are Stoopid

In response to Arizona legislator passing a law that amounts to giving law enforcement a license to harass anyone for any reason, displeased Americans are boycotting the State of Arizona. They are also, stupidly, boycotting AriZona, the ice tea beverage sold at the far back corner of 7-Eleven. Too bad AriZona’s liquids are created in New York State; the company was based in Queens before relocating to Nassau County. And it even started in Texas, a state that is still not Arizona. What’s next: Same-sex marriage opponents refusing to support the Memphis Grizzlies because Rudy Gay plays for them?

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  • Mike L.

    Lol I’ve only had one of those drinks in my life, and I don’t even remember what it tastes like.


    I am now considering a boycott of straight edged razors…. :-p

  • eagledancer

    Hey–if this NY company was too ashamed of its own roots and decided to name itself after a racist state (and it was racist a long time before this latest mess)–more power to the owners.

    As a citizen of Arizona, might I suggest the company make contributions to elect local people who are actually concerned about human rights in order to “reclaim” any sort of Arizona quality?

  • Baxter

    People should boycott Arizona iced tea because it tastes disgusting.

  • tjr101

    This is both funny and sad at the same time. The makers of this drink never thought that the state of Arizona which they have no connection with would become so unpopular.
    I’ve never tried this drink before even though it’s practically sold everywhere. I just might try it now.

  • Anonymouse

    I love Arizona

    Half Tea & Half Mango ftw

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