Can't Think Outside The - Um - Box

Aussie Pol Wouldn’t Let His Own Gay Child Marry

Australian politician Kevin Rudd’s got a cold, cold heart. The Labour leader, who’s hoping to oust Prime Minister John Howard’s Liberal Party, says that though he’d accept a rhetorical gay child, he’d still keep gays from marrying.

When asked how he would feel if someone equated his views with racism, Rudd seemed unperturbed:

I accept that. You asked me a direct question, what do I believe in, what do I stand for, what’s my party’s policy, and I have to be up front with you and say that’s it, and there is a reason for it.

Rudd believes in, of course, the heteromonogamous marriage. Reason? Because that’s how it has been and that’s how it should be. “[My party’s view is between a man and woman and it’s just been our traditional, continuing view.”

Because change can only bring bad things, right?