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Austin’s Queer Music Festival Reveals Eclectic Lineup

CAZ2Couldn’t snatch a ticket to Coachella this year? Save your dollars and your feathered earrings for the biggest queer music festival in the country.

In the tradition of GayBiGayGay, Austin’s Stargayzer Festival will take place the weekend of September 12-14 in a private, 20-acre ranch on the banks of the Colorado River.

Our Stargayzin’ friends have passed on the official 2014 lineup, which includes today’s hottest LGBT artists like SSION, Cazwell and JD Samson.

Fresh off a Kylie Minogue collaboration, SSION will headline the Stargayzer Fest along with synth pop act Austra, Canadian electro group Trust and avant-garde duo Xiu Xiu. Former LCD Soundsystem member Gavin Russom’s latest venture Crystal Ark will also have the guys and gals busting a move under the Texan stars, while favorites like ChristeeneCakes Da KillaBig Dipper, Double Duchess and Yo Majesty round out the list.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 1.28.51 PMThe DJ lineup is not any less impressive with sets by vogue innovator MikeQ, futuristic hip-hop DJ Kingdom, and the San Francisco-based house collective Honey Soundsystem. All the while, quirky drag stars Peaches Christ and Ambrosia Salad will have to figure out way not to get their wigs all dusty.

Festival-goers can camp out for this three-day extravaganza in a fun-loving campsite complete with a 24-hour café and a private, after-hours lounge tent, accessible only to campers. According to the lineup announcement, campers are “of course encouraged to decorate and personalize their campsites to create a colorful, comfortable, home away from home.”

Tickets go on sale April 17.

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  • RayJacksonMs

    I have no fucking clue who any of these people are except Cazwell’s dancers. I suspect I’m not missing much.

  • Bromancer7

    @RayJacksonMs: I’m with you. I know Cazwell, but the rest I was like “who? who?? who??? who????”

  • RandallSM

    Instead of thinking to yourself: a lineup a queer musical artists that I am unfamiliar with; I should investigate a little and see if something piques my interest. You would much rather announce your ignorance and then double-down on it by insulting music that you admittedly know nothing about.


  • Oscar Raymundo

    Then we wonder why there aren’t anymore queer artists… well, we don’t even bother to try and support them!

  • Bromancer7

    @RandallSM: I know I’m adorable, no need to remind me. But thanks anyway.

    If any of these “queer musical artists” had any talent they would simply be “musical artists” and I would have likely heard of them. None of them pique my interest. At all. Not one bit. Sorry if that gets you all butthurt, but too bad.

    And why should I support horrible music simply because the artist is queer? Produce good music and it won’t matter who you sleep with because your music will speak for itself.

  • RandallSM

    Show me where in my original post that I said you should support them because they are queer. I don’t have much time to school you properly, but I will wait…

  • Alan down in Florida

    @Bromancer7: Have you actually ever heard any of these artists? Your assertion that if they had any talent you would have heard of them is ridiculous. As someone whose spent years in the music industry I can guarantee you that I have heard hundreds of great artists who just never got that lucky break that would make them a star.

    If a band plays in the forest and nobody comes does not mean the band is no good.

    If you have never heard the artist’s music you have no right to judge it as horrible.

  • RandallSM

    @Bromancer7: I waited, did some errands, a radio interview for my band, looked at a bunch of hot guys walking around downtown Chicago, and still nothing. I guess I didn’t say what you said I said, huh?

    Now, stop being snarky and check-out something new. You might be surprised! I say you should youtube “Goodies” by Cakes Da Killa. Power-bottom anthem. Good stuff! Xiu Xiu might be a little too out there, but dude is smoking hot.

  • vive

    Cazwell is looking kinda hot in that picture. Mmm.

    I like his songs and vids. Johnny McGovern is another one who makes some yummy videos.

  • Bromancer7

    @RandallSM: That part of my comment was not directed towards you, but I’m not surprised you’re full of yourself enough to think so. Or did you completely miss the comment directed at me that came right after yours? And unlike you, I don’t check in with Queerty every 20 mins. I actually have a life. One that doesn’t involve listening to shitty music.

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