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Awkward Performance Tip: Dance To Sia’s “Chandelier” At IKEA Because Why Not?

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.07.24 AMBecause 2014 isn’t quite over yet, that still leaves valuable time to produce a parody of Sia’s massive hit “Chandelier” before it’s considered culturally irrelevant.

What’s that? Santa just called and he says the concept is already “over.” Apparently Christmas was the cutoff — who knew?

We’ll let it slide just this once though, because to Ryan James Yezak’s credit, he posted his IKEA Sia (ISIA?) video a few days before Xmas.

Here it is in all its “Sir you can’t do that in here” holiday glory:

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    Are there no gay people ANYWHERE doing interesting, clever and genuinely media-worthy shit which transcends the level of a four year old?

    Actually, YES, there are such people.

    But you wouldn’t know it from the constant deluge of lowest common denominator, obnoxious, attention whoring drek that’s lazily regurgitated from gay site to another.

    We are better than this; more creative than this; more talented than this; wittier than this.

    And the good shit is being drowned out.


  • Goforit

    What an embarrassment for everyone involved. The “artist” (very unmemorable song), the “performer” (aka attention whore) and everyone else that were subjected to this piece of drivel.

  • Gayforlife

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: That’s right ! Unclench. Can’t anyone have a little fun without someone like you belittling them? No one was hurt, and it seemed the IKEA customers where enjoying the performance.
    Have a little fun in your life before you grow old and bitter.

  • Gayforlife

    @Goforit: Same to you “mister”, or “miss thing.”
    You embarrass yourself for being so hateful. The song is a great one (if you have the intelligence to understand and appreciate the lyrics) and this “performer” was doing just what he intended to – make a little merriment in public.
    Guessing you’re not much fun to be around.

  • NoCagada

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: No different than the Kartrashians…or even the Palins.

    Glad to know that you’re so studiously and industriously perfect.

  • aliengod

    I’m not sure why everyone thinks this is so awful. I got a good laugh when I watched it.

  • nandaric

    I see the usual bitchy queens are here dictating what the GLBT community should and shouldn’t like. This may come as a shock to some of you but what people find humorous and entertaining is subjective. Yes we get it, you all have sticks up your ass but not all of us do.

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