Baby Boy-Banders The Wanted Talk Smack About “Total Bitch” Christina Aguilera

Kids today have no respect for their elders! Take The Wanted (please!), the new British/Irish boy band toddling its way up the pop charts. Stopping by 92.3 Now FM after their appearance on The Voice, the lads were only too happy to call judge Christina Aguilera “a total bitch.”

Max George: She’s a bit scary, to be honest.

Host: I thought she looked really good. I thought she looked alright.

Tom Parker: She’s a total bitch! She might not be a bitch in real life but to us she was a bitch. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us.”

Nathan Sykes: She might have been in a bad mood that day—didn’t she completely [diss] Justin Bieber as well? He went in for a hug and she was like, ‘Get away from me’.

Y’know who’s not a total bitch? Jennifer Lopez! George proved his overwhelming  hetero prowess by giving Jenny from the Block a big wet kiss when the band appeared on American Idol. He explained, “JLo’s hot. Christina’s nothing special.”

You poor naive fools. Don’t you know Xtina got plump by eating the carcasses of boybanders who rubbed her the wrong way?

A commenter on D Listed put the blame for the cold shoulder squarely on the boys, though.

“I’m a backstage runner at The Voice and I’ve been telling all my friends about this new boy band acting like divas when they were on the show last week.

Both Christina and Adam did NOT like them at all. The guy named Tom in the band asked Christina if she felt more beautiful now that she lost all that weight? We were all shocked! She didn’t quite hear the whole question and asked her assistant if she heard what he said? But then Max jumped in and said “She is beautiful no matter what you say” in mocking kind of way. Christina’s boyfriend Matt Rutler was also backstage and didn’t like what he was hearing. Finally Christina said, “You boys better calm down and focus on yourselves.” She walked off really mad when Tom came out and told her not to worry and that “Britney still needs to work on her looks too for X Factor. It must be all those drugs she is on.” Christina was so mad!

The rest of the evening Christina ignored them. The boys didn’t understand why but then one of their assistants reminded them of the stuff they said earlier about Christina’s weight loss and Britney’s bad looks and drug taking. Nathan (who is also in the band) was really upset those things were ever said but the other guys ignored him. Tom said, “Why is she acting like such a bitch for?” Max agreed saying they were only joking around. So awkward!

Dang, maybe The Wanted should go on Drag Race, where that kind of shade is appreciated!

Photos: Nick Stepowyj, Mercury Records

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  • Jawsch

    Really? Is this stuff that qualifies as news now a days? If so, I’m saddened.

  • toferdavid

    wait,@Jawsch: you’re coming here for your news of the day?

  • JayKay

    I thought it was common knowledge that she’s a pretty spectacular twat…

    She also looks like Snooki after being dumped in a vat of those chemicals that turned Jack Nicholson into the Joker.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    For straight boys, they’re pretty catty.

    Nathan is the young one on the far right in the above picture, who is clearly gay, even though Max George insists they’re all straight.

  • Joe

    Are we really back to Boybands? Ugh…thought we got rid of all those.

  • Jeff

    Maybe Max George is the gay one and is overcompensating :) He is HOT!

  • desenex

    boybands??? again????

    please blow up the planet now

  • MikeE

    oh boy! talentless hacks talking smack about other talentless hacks!

    quick stop the presses!

  • Oh, ok

    I laughed so hard when I realized they were wearing lipstick. Do these girls even qualify as “guys” let alone “straight”? Pretty sure they’re lesbians if they’re actually attracted to girls at all.

    I don’t see how this “metrosexual” thing caught on but it’s really disturbing.

  • ringie

    First of all they have one song it sucks

    can you say … one hit wonders

  • jonjon

    Casually misogynistic insults thrown against someone who’s had way more industry success than they can ever hope for? Real upstanding lads, these “Wanted” boybanders. I hope they’re not gay because we don’t want them on our team.

  • nawnaw

    so she didn’t talk to them and therefore she’s a bitch?? how classy! Hey, she probably really didn’t know who they were! with the language they used against a woman they met only once, it’s clear to me that they’re the douchebags and it wasn’t that X’tina was being bitchy for no reason!

  • MikeE

    Of course, this article sort of begs the question: what does this have to do with the LGBT community?

    Is it really “community” news when it’s based on rumors that someone MIGHT be (“I heard it from a friend of my cousin who knows someone who heard someone talk about it”) a lesbian?

    I’m curious to know how exactly this fits into “news with a gay agenda”.

  • Andy

    A friend of mine is a realtor in Beverly Hills and showed Aguilera a couple of houses. What was weird was that Aguilera would not speak directly to my realtor friend, only through her assistant, even though the three of them were standing together. Aguilera would tell her assistant “Tell him such and such” which would then happen, and my friend would have to answer back in the same way. One does not speak directly with Ms. Aguilera.

  • Mike

    While Aguilera’s reputation may precede her, these boys also have a reputation for being little shits. A while back, they apparently stole their choreographer’s phone and made homophobic texts to his celebrity contacts, including ones implying that he had AIDS. The choreographer quit. A while later, they tweeted that one of the members was coming out as gay as a big joke.

  • jerry2011

    @Jawsch: Really? I mean honestly you’re complaining about an article on Queerty? This isn’t the AP, and I’m grateful for that! Queerty gives us a place to call home that we can get our stories out there. I’m glad that I have this resource to get all of my gay stories and news from. Honestly if it’s not up to your standards you really don’t have to click on the articles. Because then, aren’t you reading the article? Just to complain about reading it? Now I’m lost.

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