Schoolboy Realness: Backpacks At The Head Of Class

fall backpacks

It’s the end of August, which means school is in session. Whether you’re reading textbooks or reading the children, backpacks are great for carrying your life around with you. But just because you’re serving schoolboy realness doesn’t mean you want to look like a schoolboy. Get ready to be schooled on some backpacks with grown-up style.

Check out four backpacks for the stylish and scholarly man. 

Highwater RucksackAlpha Industries, $50

Considering DADT was repealed,  it’ll be encouraged that you do tell where you got your bag from.

pop quiz backpack Hershel Supply Co., $69.99

You were probably denied that Lisa Frank backpack as a child so you might as well start healing that wound now.

atlas rucksack Fossil,$168

Opt for something with a little more versatility and you won’t have to switch bags as much as André Leon Talley switches capes.

canvas and leather backpack Saint Laurent, $2995

Speaking of André, it’s time to talk about luxury. The key is to make sure everything that goes into your bag collectively costs less than the backpack itself.

McArthur Joseph is the editor-in-chic of Daily Mister, an online destination for young gentleman to get their fix of style, culture, and entertainment. He shot an arrow and it went real high. Hooray for him.