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Ban Gay Marriage To Save Grown Children From Killing Themselves

If there’s no same-sex marriage, then there can be no same-sex divorce. And it’s divorce, found University of Toronto researchers, that’s an indicator for whether grown adults whose parents split when they were kids are more likely to attempt suicide. Finally, reasonable ammunition for same-sex marriage opponents! “Men whose parents divorced when they were children were three times more likely to seriously consider suicide (suicidal ideation) than other men,” relays USA Today. “Adult daughters of divorced parents were 83% more likely to have suicidal thoughts than those whose parents stayed married. The connection between divorce and suicidal ideation was particularly strong for men who grew up in families with childhood stressors, such as physical abuse, parental addiction and parental unemployment. The link between parental divorce and suicidal ideation was no longer significant among women who did not experience these childhood stressors. But even without these stressors, adult men who were children when their parents divorced still had a twofold increased risk of suicidal ideation compared to men from intact families.” Of course the real solution isn’t to ban gay marriage. It’s to ban divorce.

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  • Yuriy

    This is kinda bullshit, considering that people are going to be breaking up regardless of being married or not.
    Scientist don’t know anything more than all others. They are humans, just like you and I.
    The Bible was once said to be the book of revelations, now it’s being slowly replaced by people in white gowns who try to find out the reason for our existence and other crap. The only real science in my opinion are the ones that are applied sciences.
    Sorry to disgrace any scientists out there. It’s just my opinion, don’t take it too serious.

  • Ian

    I really, REALLY wish that the gay community would stop stepping right into the right-wing talking memo of referring to Marriage Equality for Gay Americans as “gay” marriage or “same-sex” marriage. The right does this to make us SEPARATE in the use of language to better deny equal rights for us.

    Would you ask the African-American couple down the street, “Hey, how’s your BLACK marriage going?” Would you ask the heterosexual couple, “How’s your STRAIGHT marriage doing?” Of course not, it’s marriage PERIOD. It is about defusing the term the right uses to separate the gay community from everyone else by simply saying, “It is about MARRIAGE EQUALITY for Gay Americans, no more, no less.”

  • Tim

    @Ian:Ian; Thank you, Thank you, thank you! I have been saying the same thing at the top of my lungs for years. At least since I got married in 2008. Thank you for saying it too. Sometimes I feel like I am yelling into the wind, even in the LGBT community. I can’t really add anything to what you said, because I would just be repeating you. But thank you again for saying it. I hope you copy and paste this comment all over the internet when ever the subject comes up (and I am hoping you don’t mind if I do the same).

  • Tomcat

    Yes that’s it, Divorce causes Suicidal Ideation.

    This is what you get when you let Canadians create research, and US media interpret it. (and before anyone out there gets offended, how ’bout you check the stats on misinterpretation of data)

    Never mind that the majority of the CORRELATION between these two INDEPENDENT Variables can be accounted for by a third-variable mediator (a.k.a a bad marriage/family), or that the article infers that while still significant, the strength (i.e. Pearson’s R) of the relationship in men is significantly lowered, and probably could be accounted for by sampling distribution errors and poor factor analysis when creating the questionnaire (e.g. sex differences in noticing, acknowledging and reporting household stressors/ family discord) making it significant, but unimportant.

    Nor are we looking at the huge crisis in personal development of what is apparently generations of society who are so focused on externalizing blame and responsibility that they can pin anything up to (and apparently now including) suicide on being a ‘child of divorce’ or a ‘product of a broken home’.

    Divorce doesn’t create bad families; terrible people becoming parents create bad families. With a possible mediation by how much abuse one or more family members are willing to silently withstand.

    Reports like this only act to provide further ammunition to those who need it least: those looking for yet an excuse to avoid dealing with the actual issues, and those who manipulate them.

    Leave interpretation of Psychological Research to the APA (or their international affiliates) and those certified by them.

  • greenmusic23f

    Staying married and having an extremely unhappy home life is not better than divorce.

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