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Barack Obama, Maker of the Funnies

He made fun of Sarah Palin. He made fun of the media. He made fun of Joe Biden. He made fun of himself. And while Scott Brown used the podium to pimp out his daughters, Obama used it to keep the Jonas Brothers at bay from his daughters. Best of all, he was better at making fun of things than headliner Jay Leno.

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  • Jakt the libertarian

    Best line… “You know what really tickles me? Eric Massa.”

  • Mike L.

    Uh didn’t someone else write them for him, he just took the credit for saying those scripted jokes.

    I laughed a little at some of them, but couldn’t stop glaring at him.

  • Hilarious

    @Mike L.: You know the professional comedians you laugh at? They have writers too.

  • uhm

    You could tell there were a few jokes that he didn’t even understand.
    Obama can tell a good joke, but it should have been at least ten minutes shorter.

  • Mike L.

    You know I guess he is funny, he said he’d be our fierce advocate, joke’s on us.

  • reason

    @Mike L.: Why you were angry and glaring, I was joyful and laughing.

  • Mike L.

    @reason: Guess you must be someone on his payroll then.

    I wont give him a break, why?

    He’s had a year and a third long break, why give him more of a break.

    Of course I’m upset, the time that he was up there making jokes, he could have spent telling congress in frontof cameras and journalists to include the DADT repeal in the Defense Reauthorization bill before the end of the month, and publicly disagreeing with the Sec of defense–of course we know the sec works for the pres, so he’s just doing what the pres wants in order for the pres not to take the heat for directly speaking his mind.

    But I guess it’s ok if there is laughter, hahahah no DADT repeal, hahahahaha DOMA still on the books HAHAHAHHHAHA, ENDA HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Yeah I guess it’s much better.

  • glennmcgahee

    The jokes told were written by The Daily Show writers. Its funny how homos always are great for a quick laugh. Watching the razzle dazzle giggle-fest while the oil destroys our gulf coast, home foreclosures and unemployment escalate, flooding hits Tennessee, tornados kill in Mississippi and Alabama and bombs are found in NY and our soldiers are still dying in IRAQ and AFGANISTAN just seems like bad taste. Watching the media and movie stars (Justin Beiber?) hobnob with the press and politicians makes me wanna puke.

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