Battle of D.C.’s Demonstrations: Ex-Gays v. DADT Protesters

Ex-gay cheerleader Janet Porter’s (pictured) Saturday event in Washington D.C., called “May Day 2010: A Cry To God For A Nation In Distress,” cost an estimated $70,000 people, and attracted just 300 passers-by. Among them: Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, Generals International’s Cindy Jacobs, Peter Labarbera, Bob Knight, and Alan Keyes — all lovable ex-gay supporters. The following day, also in Washington D.C., GetEQUAL and other activist groups staged a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell protest. It cost approximately $0 (okay, park permits can run a couple hundred bucks), and attracted an estimated 100 people.

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  • Michael @

    The ObamaRahmbots and their cockroach cousins, the Queens Who Attack Everything No Matter What the Issue, have been drooling that the DADT protest opposite the White House was a failure because of the small crowd.

    Well, the success of political theatre, like regular theatre, is not the number of people “on stage” but the number in the audience and mainstream media coverage of yesterday’s event was HUGE even if not all “network news” included it.

    Gannett Co. ran spots on it and they have 23 stations around the country. According to their Website, their stations reach “21 million households, covering 18.2 percent of the U.S. population.”

    It is also the nation’s largest newspaper publishing company with local papers in almost every state, as well as USA Today which covered it as one of the many stories about DADT repeal they’ve done.

    Along with Dan Choi’s frequent appearances on MSNBC, CNN, et al., contrary to what the Queer Quislings would have us believe, mainstream media, and hence America, is beginning to find out about the President’s betrayal.

  • AndrewW

    Neither publicity stunt accomplished anything.

    After having spent a half million dollars on GetEqual’s half dozen stunts, they expected a “crowd” on Sunday. The fact that they were ignored should “demonstrate” that we know these stunts are not effective. Barney Frank was correct, these “immature” actions “don’t change any minds.”

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    Ouch. This would be where GetEqual needs to start doing things in other major cities and tap the resources there. I suspect a lot of people simply didn’t have the time or the $$$ to run down to DC for the weekend. I would love to see GetEqual come to Philly or Baltimore or somewhere else I can drive there and back in one day without it costing me an arm and a leg.

  • Ervs

    I don’t understand why we don’t send a bunch of hot buff gay and lesbian strippers to EX GAY Events and show them how ex gay they are.

  • Michael @

    Andrew just proved he’s not just another Internet cockroach, not just the anal wart that won’t go away, but a pathological liar.

    Days ago he was claiming the protest had been cancelled. Now he’s lying about something he couldn’t possibly know anything about anyway: GetEqual’s expenses.

    One doesn’t have to know some of its members such as Dan Choi, as I do, to understand that most of what they’ve done cost very little [like the few hundred dollars to get into the L.A. fundraiser] to nothing [like confronting the House Education and Labor Committee].

    In any case, their expenses are being underwritten by an heir to the Progressive auto insurance fortune and what he wants to do with his money is no one’s business, least of all terrorists against the truth and real efforts to advance LGBT equality such as Andrew who would be better off spending his time returning the shopping cart to Safeway on his way to pick up his Haldol prescription.

  • AndrewW

    @DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12): There are more than 10 million people within a “few hours” of Washington D.C. – perhaps 10%, or 1 million are members of the LGBT Community.

    100 people showed up. Apparently mostly “organizers.”

    If we believed in these stunts – meaning we saw them as helpful or effective – we’d show up.

  • edgyguy1426

    I thought Howard Dean joined the rally for a while..I don’t think Dean thought this was a ‘stunt’ by any means.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)


    And you speak only for you.

    My only point is that there are a lot of people in America willing to do this stuff, signed on to GetEqual because unlike you we believe in what they do, and would like to do something besides submit an email address…

    And your 10% number is GREATLY inflated. Don’t make up statistics as you go along to justify your disdain for GetEqual.

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