Ben Stiller Might Strip For Chippendales Movie


At last, the cinematic experience you’ve all been waiting for: an opportunity to see Ben Stiller naked!

Okay, so he’s no Tom Daley. But we’ve always found Ben attractive, particularly in his Reality Bites days. Since then, he’s aged quite nicely, and as he prepares to enter his fifties, we would definitely let him buy us a drink, slip his hand around us, and get to at least second base in a cab. Third base if it’s after 2 a.m.

According to reports, Ben’s in talks to star in I am Chippendales, the feature-film adaptation of Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers. Haha, no, just kidding, it’s the story of how Chippendales turned into an icon of male stripping and bachelorette shrieking.

The Chippendales story is actually surprisingly intriguing, and not just because of the male nudity. Founder Somen Banerjee pled guilty to arranging the murder of former partners and competitors, one of whom was shot in the face. Prosecutors also alleged that he arranged to burn down competing bars. He died in an apparent jail suicide. Jesus. Stiller may play Nick DeNoia, “the former choreographer/partner who helped conceive the idea for the dance troupe with Banerjee and attorney Brian Nahin.”

The film’s set to be directed by Alan Ball, creator and sometimes director of Six Feet Under and True Blood. (He was also a story editor in Cybill and Grace Under Fire, which is pretty great.) Ball also wrote the screenplay for American Beauty. Remember that one? It was basically the arty-thinky version of another anti-materialism film out at the same time, Fight Club.

Anyway, the point is, we might have a chance to glimpse Ben Stiller’s nipples. Please make a note of it.

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  • Captain Obvious

    Would it be rude to say “gross”? If I didn’t want to see Matthew Machnfhefugjgjdhey(sp?) why would I want to see approaching grandpappy Benjamin Stiller? Stick to comedy, sir.

  • ingyaom

    @Captain Obvious: That’s what I thought, too.

  • BrokebackBob

    @Captain Obvious: Guess what Captain, the clock is ticking and someday sooner than you think, your military replacement will be saying to you…”Would it be rude to say ‘gross’?”
    You won’t be such a douche hopefully by then.

  • niles

    He’s not playing a dancer – plus, you are a blooming idiot.

  • SteveDenver

    25 years too late

  • Mike

    I’m looking more forward to Magic Mike XXL!

  • RayJacksonMs

    Someone has to put an end to this! Stop letting this completely unfunny person make movies!

  • kinseyfiles

    Ah but what you cynics seem to forget is how things can change with a actor. Look at matthew McConaughey in “Dallas Buyers club” then see way he looked like in “Magic Mike” Looking at this picture on this news story with Stiller obviously a bit out of shape added to the fact that he has an uneven tan and the angle of the photograph is unflattering I as a former fitness trainer and ahtlete can easily see that his muscle tone and muscle memory is strong, therefore it would be very quick and simple with a little hard work at the gym to a few months for him to zap right into hotness shape.

  • a new member

    Typical sexist Hollywood bullshit. The guy is 48 years old
    and they are gonna cast him as a hot stripping sex symbol.
    Who the fuck cares. That’ll be about as funny to watch as Jennifer
    Aniston trying to look “tastefully” hot in “We’re the Millers”.

  • hootie

    Refreshing memories here. Ben stiller already stripped for a movie. the 2003 romcom “along came polly.”

    The very last scene in the movie is him getting up from his beach blanket with Jennifer Aniston and walking off towards the sea, his ass exposed the whole way.

    H regrets doing that scene because no one told him he could have a double, but its pretty much the only time we’ll ever see dat ass.

  • Captain Obvious

    @BrokebackBob: Calm down, Ben, stop Googling yourself to see if someone is talking about you. There comes a time when no one wants to see you taking your clothes off anymore. Deal with it.

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