BET Apologizes To B. Scott After Forcing Him To Ditch Drag On Live Television

B.-ScottWe’re assuming BET knew about B. Scott’s larger-than-life personality before hiring him to host the BET Awards pre-show segment last weekend, so they probably should have known he was going to arrive in an outfit that would put Beyonce’s wardrobe to shame.

The media personality, best known for his work on YouTube and striking androgynous fashion sense, cried “homophobia” this weekend after he claims the BET Network asked him to change his entire outfit—and ditch the heels—before appearing on live television. Not wanting to cause a scene, B. Scott says he respectfully obliged and hosted the red carpet pre-show in traditionally male clothing.

Scott tweeted up a storm following the incident, telling fans that “I wasn’t going to say anything but my spirit is truly hurt.”

After, B. Scott opened up on his blog:

“It’s not just about the fact that BET forced me to pull my hair back, asked me to take off my makeup, made me changed my clothes and prevented me from wearing a heel. It’s more so that from the mentality and environment created by BET made me feel less than and that something was wrong with who I am as a person.”

This morning, following a frenzy whipped up by the internet, BET issued an official apology to B. Scott:

“BET Networks embraces global diversity in all its forms and seeks to maintain an inclusive workforce and a culture that values all perspectives and backgrounds. The incident with B. Scott was a singular one with a series of unfortunate miscommunications from both parties. We regret any unintentional offense to B. Scott and anyone within the LGBT community and we seek to continue embracing all gender expressions.”

Too little, too late? Tell us your thoughts below!

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  • B Damion

    I love B.Scott. It’s terrible. My own black community refuses to accept me even when I come out and tell them who I am by being true to myself. And I would still get shade
    even if i stayed in the closet on the “DL”. The black gays just can’t win. God damm it I am tried of the fighting just to be true to self.

    B.E.T knows who B.Scott is and what he does. Why hire him if he was going to be asked to strip off his persona? Mankind, we got to do betta.

  • B Damion

    The BET network is going to Sh** anyway. That apology is for the birds.

  • JAW


    “miscommunication” LOL

    We need to make sure heads roll and people get fired… To allow B Scott to go on and do an interview… then have him completely change head to toe is wrong… there was no “miscommunication” there was out and out Trans/Homophobia

  • Fidelio

    Boooo BET

  • Tackle

    @B Damion: when did BET become the whole Black community & speak for all Black?? And people should not let the name BET fool them. BET is NOT Black owned. Hasn’t been for the past ten yrs.

  • Nyruinz


    Thank you Tackle, that network is a joke with all that rachet programming. I am a black and I do not support that network.

  • Jimmy

    BET needs to issue that same apology on their network.

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