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  • GayBobVT

    What I saw was Rachel begining to talk on a subject, Joe immediately interrupting her, she saying, “I’d appreciate it if you’d allow me to make my point before you dismiss me,” Joe continuing to bloviate and Rachel keeping on talking. Not an unusual event with the the two of them. Joe can’t handle a woman who’s doesn’t just whimper, “Yes, Sir” or yell, “You stupid bastard.” She keeps it cool, calm and collected. Rachel rocks.

  • Lyle

    I remember afterwards, too, Scarborough used his “predictions” segment to get bitchy and say he doesn’t like to engage in “Crossfire” style debate before storming off. Eh, yeah, he just did. After you could hear Scarborough take off and slam down his mike, David Greggory looked like he was trying hard not to laugh.

  • foofyjim

    Joe said twice he doesn’t like to engage in “crossfire” debates where they just yell at each other, but he’s the one who interrupted Rachel three words into her sentence.

    Joe really can’t deal with women who stand up to him. Did anyone see Kathy Griffin with Joe during the 2004 election? She mauled him and wouldn’t allow him to talk over her, then they pulled her during the commercial. It was classic Kathy and too funny!

  • Bob R

    Maddow better be careful she doesn’t end up with her skull cracked on Joe’s office floor. The guy’s a creep and why MSNBC keeps him around is beyond me. He’s much better suited for FOX. Like Buchanan, whenever Joe appears I just change channels. Good for Rachel! I hope she causes him to have a stroke.

  • Michael

    “I don’t mean to be condescending but” I’m about to condescend to you. Ass.

    As GayBobVT said, Rachel rocks.

  • todd

    Joe can’t stand to listen people talk about other people’s alleged wrong doings because he’s afraid of the dead intern in his own closet.

  • Rick

    love that rachel!

  • james patrick

    I agree he is a self into his self. I don’t how Mika puts up with him. There is no love loss.And I am a guy

  • J.B. Cotten

    I keep trying to email MSNBC to express my disgust of JOE. But my email keeps coming back undeliverable. What is the email of MSNBC for Morning Joe? He is such a jerk.
    He won’t let anyone else speak. He loves to hear himself – he is his best fan! Surely I I am not the only one who changes channels the min. he begins spouting off. Where does he come off thinking he is an expert on everything. Good Grief!

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