Carlton Morton currently appears on Netflix‘s new dating reality series Love Is Blind. In an recent appearance on the radio program “The Morning Culture,” the reality star opened up about his sexuality.

“The secret is I love people for who they are,” he explained. “For the average person, I am a bisexual or fluid male. I feel like being fluid there’s a bigger focus on love when people think of bisexual it’s to make the general pop comfortable and give them something to identify with.”

Morton continued by saying that, for him, love and sex are two different things.

“I would always say I love freely because for me it’s not a sexual thing,” he said. “I’m open [to dating men and women] because I think it’s fair to say I love people for who they are.”

Morton revealed to viewers that he’s been in relationships with both men and women on the first episode of Love in Blind, which premiered February 13, but he stopped short when it came to actually labeling himself.

“At one point in my young adult life, I found myself attracted to just hearts, period, it didn’t have a gender, it wasn’t about sex for me,” he told the camera. “I dated guys and girls. But I want a wife now, because I feel like women bring a certain, like, nurturing love and affection to the table that I don’t get from a guy.”

He continued: “My biggest worry is that I will find someone that I’m super in love with and want to marry, and then at the last minute she will not be able to walk down the aisle because she just can’t be married to someone like me.”

Speaking to “The Morning Culture,” Morton said he can’t imagine every lying to a partner about his sexuality, and he doesn’t know how other men can do it.

“I don’t get how like DL men, your wife is calling you or your girlfriend’s calling you… you don’t think somebody told her something?” he said. “I can’t hide in my career. I don’t have the luxury of keeping secrets.”

But when asked by hosts if he “had to make a choice” between men or women, Morton wasn’t take the bait.

“That means that I have to be heterosexual or gay,” he pushed back. “You understand how incorrect that is and how offensive that is to bisexual people? You are basically wiping them out by saying they have to make a choice.”

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