Biting Your Teammate’s Junk: The New Way To Celebrate Soccer Victories

Last summer soccer officially came out as gay, so it makes sense that some players now feel free to express their male affection on field, even if it involves putting another man’s junk in their mouths. Personally we were OK with guy athletes just hugging each other, slapping each other’s rumps, and running shirtless around the pitch, but we could get used to this new form of congratulation… just as long as it doesn’t involve teeth.

Via MOC Blog (NSFW)

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  • Ronbo

    I have not problem with it. We do it at company meetings all the time. They used to do it at church until the nosy Protestants complained. How else can Priests celebrate the winner of musical chairs?

  • xander

    @Ronbo : Good one! I’ve never bitten any man’s junk except in the context of foreplay!

    The offices I work in have strict policies against manhandling co-workers, but when I get promoted, I’ll see to changing those rules! [grins]

  • Kieran

    Hey, boys will be boys. Get over it.

  • milhouse

    What a nice friendly gesture, but they should avoid patting each other on the ass. That would be too gay.

  • alan Balehead

    I supposed they have to get married now too???….Leave Bert and Ernie alone!!

  • Ian


  • Jeff in NYC

    Wait, does this mean I’m a soccer player?

  • dollyknockers

    When I was at school I loathed Wednesday and Friday when we had “double games”.

    Football/Soccer in the winter and Cricket in the summer.

    Two of the class jocks would be selected to captain a team and would select alternatively each member of their team from the remainder of the class.

    As the numbers diminished and was based on, not who would be best, but who would do least damage to their chances I could guarantee that me and another two class members were left until the end.

    I would spend the entire “game” avoiding the ball and in the winter, avoiding the mud! In the summer I would move around a bit more…..just to ensure that firstly the ball was never in my vicinity, and secondly, to ensure my exposure to the sun was even….I didn’t want to end up with a farmer tan.

    Now had this form of celebration been introduced into the games we played at Catholic school back in the 70’s I may have had more interest……who knows, given that kind of reward I could have ended up Captain for England’s World Cup Squad and Victoria Beckham would have been looking for another husband!

  • randy

    The guy he bit is Jose Antonio Reyes, a spanish soccer player. If you google his image, you’ll see that he is quite the hunk and well worth biting.

  • kitty litter

    You can imagine what it is like in their locker room after the game. Now if we could just do that now in baseball when someone hits a home run. As long as it isn’t Brian Wilson.

  • Max

    Very old news. This happened in 2001.

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