PHOTOS: Blades Of Glory — 12 Openly Gay Skaters


Yesterday, Olympic figure skater and perennial open-ended question Brian Boitano acknowledged that he was a gay after decades of wearing epaulets as a fashion statement on the ice. It seems like skating, more than any other sport — with the possible exception of swimming — draws the gays like a siren’s call, as Boitano is only the latest in a long, triple axeling line of openly gay figure and speed skaters.

Strap on your toe picks ’cause we’re Salchowing to our heart’s delight with these 12 openly gay skaters.

Ronnie Robertson (1937 – 2000)


Toller Cranston (1949 – )

Toller Cranston

John Curry (1949 – 1994)


Ondrej Nepela (1951 – 1989)

Ondrej Nepela

Robert McCall (1958 – 1991)


Brian Pockar (1959 – 1992)


Brian Orser (1961 – )

Orser, Brian

Brian Boitano (1963 – )


Rudy Galindo (1969 – )


Jeffrey Buttle (1982 – )


Johnny Weir (1984 – )

Johnny Weir

Blake Skjellerup (1985 – )


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  • frenchjr25

    I love the photos but I wish you could have included a short biography of each person.

  • Patrick K

    What about Randy Gardner?

  • mz.sam

    @ Patrick K: I didn’t know Randy G. was out (to the media)…a great pairs skater! I do know the media is still waiting for an injured 2010 gold medalist to be outed.

  • Spike

    Queerty again finds a way to leave Tom Daley out of a post.

  • Partybird

    What about Brad Patton?

  • Jackhoffsky

    @Spike: Honestly… just by your effort and sustainability… I think I love you LOL.

    Seriously though, which would you rather have, Tom Daley or Dustin Zito? I’m personally thankful we’ve moved on from the Zit… even at the expense of daily Daley over-saturation.

  • elbertdijkgraaf

    Only figure skaters with the exception of one speed skater. Yeah terrific list!

  • Large Marge

    I am in love with Ondrej Nepela!

  • yaoming

    Did half of these guys really die prematurely, or were those the dates they were active?

  • WhyteRabbit

    @Patrick K: YEAH! what he said. Tai Babilonia’s partner came out in 2006.

  • WhyteRabbit

    @yaoming: curry, nepela, mccall, pockar… all lost to AIDS when it was at its terrifying height.

  • ncman

    @Spike: At least it’s not “Davey Wavey”. Count your blessings.

  • Spike

    @ncman: For the love of gawd, not Davey Wavey. And Tom Daley would agree!

  • Rosanne J. Gunter

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