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  • Cam

    Funny, because the Mormons did not allow blacks full membership in their church UNTIL outside pressure caused them to change their practices. So would it have been better to allow religious freedom and never complain that they were discriminating against blacks?

    We do not allow Muslim cab drivers in Minesota to deny service to women and people carrying alcohol in their luggage even though they asked to be allowed to do this and cited religious freedom as the reason. We do not allow Rastafarians to grow and use pot even though that falls under religious freedom. So funny…I don’t see this guy getting upset that those muslim cab drivers or those rastafarians were denied THEIR religious freedom to do whatever they wanted.

    Your freedom cannot prevent somebody else from living their life.

  • Gigi

    What Cam said!

  • justiceontherocks

    That god damned homosexual agenda.

    Someone should tell Mr. Fischer that the gays are happy for him to have any religious belief he wants, but when he goes public with his bigotry we will call him on his bullshit 100 per cent of the time.

  • adman

    This guy and his rhetoric are astoundingly capable of backfiring against his cause at any minute. It’s so easy to take down false equivalents at the judicial level, since semantics don’t halt case history like they thwart debate. What will they do when they’ve excluded themselves from society, become Amish? I guess if it’s tax free, that’s all they care about.

  • Sarah

    There is so much about this speech that bothers me. I’ve hovered over the submit button for a while, but I’m gonna post this anyway.

    I know there are some people who don’t want Chick-fil-A anywhere in colleges, and honestly, it’s a very, very small portion that I’ve stumbled upon. I personally think they can serve in private settings if they want. And no one is stopping them if they are invited! But I’m more upset about who they donate TO. The pro-marriage groups want to discriminate against us from getting married because we are different. They are vicious in their advances, they are not about tolerance, they are not about diversity. They are, pardon the pun, very narrow and straight minded. So, I think this man has his activists confused.

    And, just from this little speech of his, this man is clearly himself, biased.

    Also, a side note, most boy scout troups discriminate as well.

  • pepa

    Just like the title seems to imply… why even waste your time/energy on people who indeed waste their time and energy?

  • kenny

    I respect different views but not what a bigoted fool like this guy says.He’s just a hater that wont admit that he hates gays these people have become so transparent especially nowadays its just pathetic.He continuosly keeps mentioning us as homosexuals also instead of HUMAN BEINGS and he says WE are the ones with an AGENDA?The one with the agenda is very obvious and its not us.

  • pepa

    @kenny: “He continuosly keeps mentioning us as homosexuals also instead of HUMAN BEINGS”

    True, but then again homosexuals are in fact human beings. The word “homosexual” was devised by a german gay activist in the late 1800’s. Now we use the word “gay.” But still these are just words and symbols and one can easily use these words with low and negative connotations (ie this is sooo gay).

    You are now touching on something meaningful here, and I think it goes BEYOND Mr. Fischer, and more about how we view ourselves, and how good or bad our collective conscience as a community is. In my opinion I think our community’s conscience level is damaged as we forget that we are human beings, yes, with certain aspects and different ways of viewing the world. Unfortunately though, many gay activists don’t want to accept this role, they want us to be victims so they can continue to be viewed as the “good guys.”

  • Shannon1981

    @kenny: I have to laugh that they call what WE do an agenda. All we want to do is be left to live our lives in peace, get married, serve in the military and do everything else they take for granted every damn day. This is a fucking bigoted moron. But people like him are also dangerous.

  • Steve

    This is how he makes his living. That’s all it is.

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