Blowhards Use Obama’s Gram Visit To Raise Already Answered Questions

We like freedom of speech. Hell, we’ve made a living on it, but some right-wingers are clearly abusing their American right when it comes to Barack Obama‘s short campaign break, which he’s using to visit his ill grandmother:

Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and Jerome Corsi suggested or asserted that the true purpose of Sen. Barack Obama’s current trip to Hawaii is not to visit his ailing grandmother, as Obama claims, but rather to address rumors — widely debunked — that Obama has failed to produce a valid U.S. birth certificate. However, in addition to and a Hawaiian Health Department official, even Corsi’s employer, the right-wing website WorldNetDaily, has reportedly determined that the birth certificate provided by the Obama campaign is authentic.

We’d say this trio should be ashamed of themselves, but they clearly don’t experience such an emotion.