Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.36.06 AMHell hath no fury like a teenage bodybuilder whose pseudo-fame derives from consuming his own semen scorned. Or something like that.

Michael Hoffman is once again claiming his image has been wrongfully represented in the media. An image, it has to be noted, that he created all on his own.

When we first heard of him, it was because he was claiming an explicit video of him masturbating on camera had leaked. He posted a video message to let us all know that he’s not gay but he’s definitely humiliated. The guy certainly knows how to clean up a mess.

Well last week the internet saw even more of Hoffman (link very NSFW), and wouldn’t you know it? He’s claiming the videos were stolen, this time fingering (sorry) porn star Brent Everett for the crime.

“It’s hard for me to walk around in the public without people looking at me like, ‘Oh, look, that’s the dude who jerks off. Oh, he’s the guy who ate his cum,” he complains in a nearly unwatchable YouTube rant.

Hoffman claims Everett’s studio never paid him for the footage of him exercising, flexing and masturbating.

Amid lots of rambling, he issues this warning: “Brent Everett does NOT have my permission to be putting my videos out there.”

Except it would seem that Brent has every right to be putting those videos out there, seeing as he paid for them.

Brent’s manager/husband Steven Pena gave The Gaily Grind a detailed account of their side of the story, providing texts and proof of payment. He wrote:

Statement from Brent Everett Media on behalf of

Steve Pena, Personnel Manager and Director of Public Relations for the company (and husband of Brent Everett) began discussions with Michael Hoffman in mid-December 2014 regarding possible collaboration with him to produce videos for the company. He made it clear that he was acting on behalf of the company and not as a private individual.

He offered Michael Hoffman $8,000 to $10,000 to act as model/performer in gay adult scenes for Mr. Hoffman declined this offer. Steve Pena then offered to represent Michael Hoffman in order to obtain non-gay, non-adult nightclub appearances for him. Mr. Hoffman declined this offer as well.

Following this, Michael Hoffman offered to sell Steve Pena, acting for the company, 14 high definition videos of himself exercising and masturbating for $250. Steve Pena accepted this offer and the videos were paid for using PayPal. It is our understanding that Mr. Hoffman also offered to sell these videos to others.

Here are the text messages Brent between him and Hoffman:



And here is a screenshot of the PayPal payment referenced:


And last but not least, Hoffman’s rant. Bonus points if you can make it through more than 30 seconds of it:

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