Boehner Pays Additional $1 Million To Defend DOMA With Junk Science

Just when you thought that Howdy-Doody-esque Republican House Speaker John Boehner couldn’t get any hotter for the Defense of Marriage Act, he and the Republican-led Bipartisan Legal Advisory Council (BLAG) went ahead and raised the amount of money they plan to pay Paul Clement and the DOMA defense team from $500,000 to $1.5 million! Let’s see what all that taxpayer money has gotten us so far.

We’ve already outlined the horrible arguments that Clement put forth in his defense of DOMA, but Alvin McEwen of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters lists the other forehead slappers out for us:

1. Clement tried to sneak in the testimony of former NOM chair Maggie Gallagher in a way which would have kept her from being cross-examined.

2. A professor cited by Clement in a brief defending DOMA, Lisa Diamond, complained that her work was being distorted.

3. Clement is also citing – in a second hand fashion – junk science from discredited researchers. In his defense of DOMA, Clement cites the work of Case Western Reserve University law professor George W. Dent, Jr.

He also adds that Dent’s work contains citations to the thoroughly discredited research of both Paul “gay stuff gerbils in their anuses” Cameron and George “Rentboy” Rekers, and the work of The American College of Pediatricians, organization created to lend credibility to anti-gay junk science.

Boehner has tried to make himself look better by saying that he will pass off the $1.5 million costs to Obama’s Department of Justice since they first decided to stop defending the federal law in court, but no matter where the cost lands, American taxpayers are still the ones paying for it.

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  • Cam

    So the GOP is arguing against spending money on bridges and roads, and yet they have a fortune to spend on bigotry. Tells you something doesn’t it?

  • Chuck

    Where’s Eric The Cantor hyperventilating about offsetting the cost of spending $1.5 million taxpayer dollars on discrimination. Guess we’re only broke when it fits Boners narrative. Aren’t you proud GOProud?

  • Jim Hlavac

    Nothing slander, libel, perjury, false witness, and counter factual mush to get people going in the morning, eh? And it’s our gay tax dollars too – we’re paying for this mush. Sad, so sad. And intellectually dishonest.

  • tjr101

    But whatever happened to the concern for fiscal issues?!? The only reason this douche bag is now speaker. Oh right, that was a complete lie just to get their bigotry into people’s bedrooms!

  • Skeloric

    @Cam: What it tells us is only what we already knew.
    Or should have known.
    Of course, the TEABAGGER WINGNUTS don’t have the required intelligence to get the message they really need, the message that they are being played for fools to achieve results detrimental not only to the GLBT but to ALL americans — even the criminally stupid Americans.

  • Michael

    Boehner and the rest of these morons are as dumb as a box of rocks.

    Im also unhappy with the picture of Boehner I expected him to be crying like he does every 2 fucking minutes lol

  • Kennie

    Quitcherbitchen and throw the rednecks aka tea party out of office!!!!

  • B

    No. 6 · Michael wrote, “Boehner and the rest of these morons are as dumb as a box of rocks.”

    Unfortunately, they are not as dumb as you think: read the article a bit more carefully. It claims they raised 1.5 million (no doubt by appealing to the homophobia of their “base.”) Then they are trying to stick the Justice Department with the bill for the amount they raised.

    So, where does the money they raised go if they manage to squeeze 1.5 million out of the Justice Department? Well, I think we can say where it doesn’t go – has any politician ever given a contribution back because he raised too much money? It’ll probably go to help get other Republicans elected, so they can repeat the cycle on a larger scale.

    No doubt they noticed how much the Mormons paid to get Proposition Eight passed in California, and saw it for what it is – a business opportunity to raise funds for the Republican party. A perfect victim – I mean, donor demographic – has been found – homophobes who will spend as much as they can to get what they want.

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