Boy Scouts OK With Hiring Convicted Criminals, Just Not “Known Or Avowed” Gays

rejectedThe Human Rights Campaign obtained a copy of the Boy Scouts of America’s application for employment which spells out in plain, hateful English their discriminatory hiring policy.

According to the application, “The Boy Scouts of America will not employ… known or avowed homosexuals.”

However, the BSA will consider you a viable candidate if you’ve got a rap sheet — “Conviction of a crime is not an automatic bar to employment.”

In the wake of the BSA’s decision to postpone the vote on its ban on gay Scouts and leaders, HRC President Chad Griffin says the organization’s  true colors are “only growing clearer.”

The HRC is urging you to speak out against the Boy Scouts by sending a letter demanding they immediately establish a national non-discrimination policy.

“The BSA is an organization that prides itself on leadership. Yet its discriminatory policies seem to teach young participants that it’s perfectly fine to exclude people based on sexual orientation,”  Griffin said in a statement. “And the message these policies send to gay youth who already struggle to feel accepted is just heartbreaking.”

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  • DrDennis

    I remember when one of my kids went on a campout and one of the leaders was a
    convicted felon. My son came home saying that he spent a lot time tell them about sex in prison. My reaction was that he was fishing and trying to groom some of the young boys in to having sex with him. When I complained about him doing this they never did anything to stop him from having contact with the kids and left him in his position. However, when I came out, I was immediately excommunicated me from the church.

  • 2eo

    @DrDennis: That’s because you’re a moral person who wants to look after children.

    The christian church and its various worthless cults have systematically decimated these moral, intelligent people, homosexuals, black people and every permutation therein and replaced them with hundreds paedophiles and child abusers.

    The christian religion completely condones this and is fighting tooth and nail to keep good people out of every walk of life so their kid fucking stays perpetual.

  • LandStander

    @2eo: “The christian religion completely condones this…”

    unfortunately, you cant just single them out. It is a common theme in most organized religions. We are just most familiar with the christian version of hating and kid fucking.

  • MK Ultra

    I love how the Boy Scouts of America are painting themselves into a corner.
    They house pedophiles, and judging by the size of their “perversion files”, it seems a prerequisite that you have to be a religious pedo in order to become a scout leader.
    Now they let hardened criminals mentor children.
    As far as I’m concerned, let them continue to slander themselves.
    Soon more inclusive clubs will spring up and take the place of that haven of criminal psychopathy.

  • DarkZephyr

    2eo, I am getting bored with your biggoted blanket statements about Christians.

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