BREAKING: Boy Scouts Decide To Uphold Gay Ban, Form Task Force To Study The Issue

glaad-boy-scouts-petitionThe Board of Directors of the Boy Scouts of America have decided to form a task force to further study its controversial ban on gay members and Scout leaders, upholding its discriminatory policy in the interim.

“After careful consideration and extensive dialogue within the Scouting family, along with comments from those outside the organization, the volunteer officers of the Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board concluded that due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy,” the BSA said at the conclusion of their board meeting.

“You don’t need to form a task force to know that discrimination is wrong,” said Jennifer Tyrrell, a lesbian mother from Bridgeport, Ohio, who was ousted as the leader of her son’s Cub Scout Pack in April 2012 because of her sexual orientation. “I had to tell my family and my son that the Boy Scouts of America didn’t think I was good enough to be their den leader, all because of my sexual orientation. No parent should have to do that, yet today the Boy Scouts told America showed that they don’t have the courage to condemn this kind of discrimination.”

Tyrell was among the group of activists who delivered a petition to BSA headquarters on Monday, featuring 1.4 million signatures calling for an end to the ban.

“Our fight will continue,” added Tyrrell, “and we will continue to educate donors and supporters of the Boy Scouts about the effects of their anti-gay policy.”

“It’s disappointing that the Boy Scouts of America can’t seem to live its code when it comes to the Scouting values of kindness, bravery, and courtesy,” said Eagle Scout and founder of Scouts for Equality Zach Wahls. “Their decision today to form a task force to study whether they should allow gay Scouts and leaders puts the organization on the wrong side of history, and once again tells the country that the Boy Scouts of America value archaic policies over the dignity of millions of Americans.”

Photo: GLAAD

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  • Ron Jackson

    lol, its just a stalling tactic. How stupid do they think people are. They have had years to “study” the issue. The scouts are indeed on the wrong side of history. Take heart though, eventually the old angry white men will die and be replaced.

  • Levyr

    Lame stalling tactics.

  • Captain proton

    Why can’t scout troops and/or councils do what churches do, and split from the main branch?

    If enough councils band together (assuming there are enough progressives among the scouts) they can form a new organization and start attracting new members until only the most conservative far right people stay with the BSA.

  • schwma

    I think President Obama, the “honorary president” of the BSA, should conditionally renounce that title until they put an end to their horribly discriminating ways.

  • AxelDC

    And the BSA continues its long march into obscurity.

  • Siva

    Shortly after 9/11, a plane was about to go from Israel to the USA, and its passengers were in the final queue to show their passports.

    ‘I’m sorry,’ said the pilot, moving between an obviously Arabic man in line, and the small counter at which he would have been meant to show his passport. ‘I can’t let you board.’

    ‘Why is this?’ asked the elderly man, half-disbelieving his treatment.

    ‘Well, I can’t let any Muslims on board, and I just saw you on a prayer rug, in the waiting area.’ Without another word, the captain turned, offering to assist the also elderly man, clearly caucasian, who’d been in line behind the man denied passage. ‘Sir, I’ll gladly show you to your seat.’

    The second passenger scowled at the captain, and said with an American accent, ‘How come he’s not going?’

    ‘Well, after those attacks, people are afraid of Muslims, and I don’t want a panic on my flight. Follow me, sir; everything will be fine -‘

    ‘If he’s not going, I’m not going,’ declared the man, who moved to stand beside the Muslim man.

    The other passengers boarded without fuss, and the two old men were left behind.

    ‘Sir,’ said the Muslim. ‘You really didn’t need to do that, but you are now my friend. What is your name?’

    The man gave his name, and the Muslim’s eyes widened. ‘You’re Jewish! A Rabbi!’

    The Rabbi nodded, and the Muslim gave his name as well.

    My purpose in making a comment of this story was, what happens if we all just boycott the Boy Scouts? You know, maybe do Campfire instead, or maybe form a local group for the same or similar purpose, only without excluding anyone for superficial reasons? Just an idea.

  • Out Military

    The BSA’s statement that the issue is too complex and that they need more input is complete rubbish. FYI – – the social network for gay scouts, is providing a supportive environment for gay scouts, leaders and supporters.

  • Dionte

    To think I almost invested time into that organization when I was a kid, thank the God’s I didn’t.

  • jwrappaport

    That’s funny: I recall some of our top, knuckle-dragging military brass demanding a similar “study” into the effects of LBG integration. I predict the results will be the same, which is to say that the sky will not fall.

  • darkmoonman

    @Levyr: Ineed, but it’s something at which the USA is expert.

  • montanom

    What are they gonna do now? Kick out the gay kids? Well, I have to THANK the Scout Movement for bringing this up, so that I ended up NOT committing suicide, talking to the Scoutmaster and accepting and loving myself for the homosexual I am.

  • burtsfield

    I am appalled. I almost had respect for the organization but no more. They shelter pedophiles and don’t want gays. Sounds suspiciously like another organization

  • montanom

    I will not let the BSA get away with this! Defending thousands of gay kids is of utmost importance! It does get better! I owe my Troopmaster my life, for averting my suicide and making me talk about my sexuality. The BSA is doing the exact same thing the Catholic Church (the Vatican) is doing by harbouring pedophiles and kicking out gay people.


    You know what? I think I’ve heard just about all I need to from these Neanderthals (I, too, was a scout, I’m ashamed to admit). I hope the whole fucking “organization” comes crashing down on the closeted, hetero bitches-with-a-penchant-for-young-boys who are still running this motherfucking, molestation-enabling, piece-of-shit artifact. FUCK YOU, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA! You’re disgusting… :(

  • Jerry12

    The Boy Scouts Of America got along very well with no “SEX” scandals; (or any other scandals; that I know of)for almost 100 years until the Moron Church stuck it’s nose into it and is about to destroy it completely with it’s BIGOTRY. From my personal experience, the Scouts were only organization I know of that had young boys of all sexual urges associate on an equal level and grow into adulthood without HOMOS taking over the Planet.

  • Jerry12

    @Siva: For your information, this is the first year in my 86 years that I have not bought the Boy Scout Cookies when they were on sale last week.


    @Jerry12: Good for You. God Only Knows which Heterosexual Scoutmaster jazzed on them before they get to the buyers…




    @burtsfield: Ditto.



  • gjg64

    I’m THIS close to returning all my Scouting items, pins, badges, handbook, the lot. They have until May or I’m going to be a proud EX-Scout.

  • damon459

    I’m sure I’ll get attacked for saying this but who the hell cares? I was never interested in the scouts, membership is slowly dying. It’s an outdated phony organization bet left to die. As to this task force it was predictable, did anyone really think these hard core religious nuts were really going to change their views?

  • LadyL

    @damon459: Well, even if you believe the institution archaic it is disturbing that this decision to avoid a decision continues, as some have commented here, to provide a haven for pedophiles. They go where kids go and they thrive wherever adults in positions of authority focus only on maintaining the status quo. Just ask all the victims of Jerry Sandusky.

  • DarthKitsune

    by a show of hands, who didn’t see this coming?

  • MarvelUs

    This is another hijacking by Mormons. LDS Church sponsored Boy Scouts are a large segment of the BSA organization. In California LDS churches sponsored Proposition 8, an anti-gay plebiscite which was held unconstitutional by the California Supreme Court. The Mormons do not believe in separation of church and state, and conservative Mormons pour huge amounts of money into political action against any same-sex political activity. Shame on those old guys, they are antithetical to human rights.

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