Boys Grind On You, Kimye Gets Engaged, Jessica Lange Leaving “American Horror Story” & More!

– It’s been a while since we’ve had a meme featuring shirtless boys in compromising, relentlessly homoerotic situations. Thanks, Grindrgrind on me.”

– Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest star to join the “starving for my art and/or an Oscar” club.

– Kill Your Darlings director John Krokidas said the one thing he learned from promoting the movie is to “stop Googling myself.” I learned the same thing after my roommate walked in on me Googling myself freshman year.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are engaged so get ready for the wedding of the century and the divorce of three weeks later.

– Meanwhile, her engagement ring is the size of my apartment.

– Jessica Lange has one more season of American Horror Story in her, then she’s calling it quits.

Betty White came in like a wrecking ball. She never fell so hard in love. Except that time Bea Arthur “accidentally” pushed her down a flight of stairs during that Valentine’s Day clip show on The Golden Girls:

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  • MikeE

    well, actually, none of them are “my favourites”.. I’m simply not into straight boys.

    but what exactly are they doing, auditioning for porn?

  • EvonCook

    Think I would spread ’em for any one of them, not just for my own pleasure but to teach them what I’ve successfully shown several straight guys –just how good a guy-fuck can be! Half the fear of the bigots is that if the prohibition and condemnation that keep the “gay” topic, never mind the man-to-man experience, in the shadows of fear and loathing should ever fail or be completely eroded, guys would quickly catch on how hot, easy and pleasurable gay sex is! I can attest that heteros actually have a valid fear about that. Guy sex is great and the more that get a taste of it the more will love it!

  • Rockery

    Q!! No one wants to see those teenagers rub themselves on the floor

  • timelord89

    I hate that meme, every door I open at work has lead to teenage boys trying to make grind on me vines. And some of my students thought it funny to post a video of me having a seizure as a failed gring on me vine. I am only 7 years older than them, I don’t remember being this ridiculous as a teenager.

  • litper

    @Mike, how do you know they’re “straight”?

    I agree with Evon. Many “straight” boys are still so scared of being labeled as “gay” but many do enjoy gay sex secretly

  • MikeE

    @litper: I think you missed a part of my post: “I’m not into straight BOYS”. I like men, 18yr olds don’t do it for me.

    the article asked “which is your favourite”. well, none are. I don’t get off on kids. particularly stupid kids who look like they’re auditioning for a porn movie.

  • frubino

    I do not understand this one … what you a stupid idea?

  • Demonic darian

    This has got to be one of the dumest things ive seen. I thought i would never miss those harlem shake videos sadly i was wrong.

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