Brandon McInerney Finally Pleads Guilty

Brandon McInerney finally plead guilty to second degree murder for the shooting death of openly gay classmate Lawrence King. McInerney has received a 21-year prison sentence, which means he’ll be free to kill more effeminate gays by the time he’s 38!

McInerney’s first trial was declared a mistrial when jurors couldn’t decide whether he committed first-degree murder or manslaughter. The jury also couldn’t decide whether McInerney committed a hate crime by targeting King for his homosexuality—prosecutors planned to drop the hate-crime charge in the second trial.

The only upside to McInerney copping a plea deal now is that there won’t be a second trial, sparing us all the anguish of hearing again how King basically deserved being murdered for wearing women’s clothing and hitting on McInerney.

Best case prison scenario: McInerney gets his GRE, starts caring for injured birds he finds in the courtyard and becomes an ornithological veterinarian dealing primarily with parakeets.

Worst case: He gets  joins the White Power Auxiliary of Cellblock D and comes out of prison more angry and embittered than ever.

Either way, Lawrence King isn’t coming back.

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