BREAKING: Philly Gay Basher Kathryn Knott Sentenced To 5-10 Months In Jail

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A Philadelphia Common Pleas judge has sentenced Kathryn Knott, 25, to 5-10 months in jail for her involvement in an attack on a gay couple in September, 2014.

In December of last year, Knott was found guilty of simple assault, conspiracy and reckless endangerment.

She was found not guilty of more serious aggravated assault charges and not guilty of charges against the other victim, explaining her seemingly light sentence.

Kathryn was one of about 15 people who engaged a same-sex couple in downtown Philly in a verbal argument that quickly turned violent.

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She claimed in court that she turned away when things got physical. “I didn’t want anyone getting hurt,” she said during her trial. “I was trying to calm the situation.”

Knott was charged along with Philip Williams and Kevin Harrigan, who both took plea deals which included community service and probation to avoid jail time.

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Knott rejected the deal, leading to her high-profile trial.

Knott’s father, Karl Knott, is the police chief in Chalfont Borough, Bucks County.

Juror Aristeo Duenas, 33, said he and other jurors wanted to convict her on all counts, but two other jurors felt bad for Knott. Ultimately they compromised on the aggravated assault charges.

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  • Daniel D. Wilkinson

    It should be a LOT more than 10 months. IT SHOULD BE YEARS!!!

  • Dakotahgeo

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Sadly, this bitch will have a clean record since no judgments of less than a year will be on her record! A minimum of two years with one full year served and then released would have given her a well-deserved social black eye! Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this piece of trash!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    If she changes for the better, it is time well-spent.

  • Guy Silver

    She doesn’t know it yet, but she will be glad she dodged the felony conviction.

  • Jason Denison

    She will be out in three weeks for good behavior.

  • Captain Obvious

    Only 5-10 months in jail but she’s stuck being an idiot the rest of her life. Karma’s a bitch. Hopefully she has 3 or 4 kids with a man who believes in slapping and punching a wife who steps out of line. I mean she’s fine with attacking gay men so I’m fine with a man beating the hell out of her for the rest of her miserable life.

  • Augusto Kortright

    2 other jurors felt bad for her. What about the victims. They have to relive that moment everyday…. Look at her social media and you can tell she’s a privileged child who thinks she could get away with anything…..

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Holding back and seeing if she can overcome this hatred is the way I’m going to approach this story. If she grows the Hell up and snaps out of it, she may be able to pull out of this quagmire. I hope so. One’s personality is formed by the age of five, so learning can be harder for those who grew up with weird parents and odd friends.

  • Michael Sui

    That really means 2 weeks for good behavior…..what a joke.

  • Wilson W Wong

    Daddy will get her out.

  • Justin Weeks

    She should have got worse then that all of them should be in jail rotting

  • Derek Perron

    So non violent drug offenders get 5 years and this trash gets a prison vacation

  • HankBenson

    I live in Philly, and the real story here is the irony that the two men who severely beat this gay couple (one ended up with broken jaw) would not see a day behind bars. They were given “Reporting Probation” by the incompetent DA Seth Williams.
    A still bigger story is how huge a leeway prosecutors in this country have when giving plea bargains!

  • David G. Abler

    Not enough but at least she’ll have a felony record

  • Erin Capuano

    Not enough Time at all for what this POS did.

  • Jane Freeman

    Wonder how long it will be before she holding onto some butch lesbians pocket for protection?

  • David Bartlett

    not nearly enough punishment for any of them.

  • Michael Estes

    Months? We’re not talking justice here.

  • Brian

    Women always seem to get special treatment from the law – special as in favorable.

  • John Kuehnle

    Hopefully it will affect her chances of getting a job since it’s been all over the news, if she even cares.

  • pjm1

    my opinion is that Knot received a fair sentence. Remember, she actually did
    the least amount of physical damage. The two guys who did the most damage got
    no jail time. Knot likely is receiving jail time because she did not accept responsibility
    for her actions and lied on the stand under oath.

  • Billy Budd

    I hope she dies in jail, killed by a badass lesbian woman.

  • Steve Hellenbrand

    I still don’t think its enough time for the damage and injury they caused, but I’m glad she’ll be doing time. I hope someone does to her what she did to those poor two guys….

  • Jack Gearing

    This is sad that a individual is such a hater.

  • Paco

    @pjm1: I agree. Her sentence was a fair one. It is outrageous that the two males that did the majority of the physical harm were offered a plea deal to avoid jail time. I remember when Queerty first reported about this case and almost everyone was focused on her and ignored the fact that the two males did most of the actual bashing.

  • pjm1

    @Billy Budd: well, she may not be very nice and all,
    she is youngish, and hopefully can become a better person. Death seems a tad extreme
    for someone who threw a punch or two. There is perhaps a bit to much animus being directed
    at Knott and though she is not likable, it seems a bit harsh.

  • Joseph Lease

    Daddy cant get you out of this one…

  • Phil Jessett

    Not enough for what she did, or encouraged…

  • ted72

    It’s still possible to be beaten to death in jail. I’m not condoning it, but if it happens, I’d like to know about it. And secretly smile to myself (whispering “yessss…”)

  • M J Martinez Crogan

    Does anyone know a butch lezbo in the jail she’s going to? We can still get justice for some soup on her books

  • Claude Courval

    I would have preferred a longer sentence, but i’m sure her dad helped her.

  • Bonno Suarez

    Is that it? Seriously?

  • Paco

    @HankBenson: This site is so in love with straight guys that you won’t see much attention paid to the fact that the two straight males in this case basically avoided punishment for the severe gay bashing.

  • Keith Croak

    Muncha buncha carpet!

  • Keith Summers

    5-10 months?!?!?

    They might as well have just slapped the back of her hand and said “no more of this foolishness, now, you understand?”

    Give me a f’n break!

  • Carl Jay Same

    Karma. Don’t hate on her, karma takes care of that.

  • Sand Nierenberg

    Now she will get raped in jail hopefully everyday 20 times a day

  • AJAnders

    I’m happy with this punishment. It’s much harsher than what I was expecting with her being the daughter of the chief of police.

    But how about an exact number? Somewhere between 5 and 10 months is not an exact number.

  • rbernard

    Karma has finally caught up with this ugly skank and surely Kathryn Knott’s co-inmates will find a creative ways to balance things up in prison for the short internment.

  • Inga Roy

    Not Enough ?????????

  • vonric

    Several posters have noted that karma will catch up with this homophobic brat… others note it already has….

    this woman has already been fired from her job within the healthcare industry because she was posting xrays of patients, something that the suburban hospital she worked for would not accept. And, her Daddy Police Chief, whose clout in suburbia is far greater than it is in Center City Philly, could not fix this…

    so, when she gets out of jail, she will be a registered and documented criminal who has been fired from her pre-jail job for unethical behavior.

    Will be interesting to see, in a sort of macabre way, what this bratty unethical lying scum will do next, post-jail sentence…..

  • Inga Roy

    The system seems to work only for the fuckedup criminals everywhere !

  • Juanjo

    She has three misdemeanor convictions now, all involving violence. She should have gotten more time frankly but it is sadly not unusual for juries and judges to go lighter on women than men. That said she now has an arrest record and the CANNOT be wiped clean no matter what. Pennsylvania may have a method of expunging a misdemeanor conviction from the record after a certain amount of time but that typically requires the person seeking expungement to show remorse for and to take responsibility for their actions. Given this c#nt’s comments about her lack of responsibility and remorse so far, I have a feeling this is going to me a long time coming.

  • Troy Hawkins

    For a hate crime?

  • Robert Barber

    Money can buy anything..Disgusting but I have no faith in our system since O.J

  • joeyty

    @1EqualityUSA: Most of the Queerty crowd disagrees with you. They want her to be in prison much longer and to be sexually assaulted while in there.

  • drdltd

    isn’t she the daughter of the police chief? its just a shame how these type of crimes are brushed under the rug.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    joeyty, Everybody has their own opinions.

  • Pro-Life

    Hello fellow Queerty readers, I am Christian & I agree that people should not beat up gay people. Gay people should not be the victim of violence nor should anybody else be victims of violence which is why I am pro-life. Abortion victimizes unborn babies in the womb & is the ultimate form of child abuse towards an unborn child. To witness the sheer brutality & violence abortion imposes on unborn babies, please watch (turn on volume)


    If the above link does not work, watch instead

    I hope Queerty moderators do not delete my posting out of respect for human life inside the womb. I know the videos above are hard to watch but we need to expose the sheer horror abortion imposes upon human life developing inside the womb. There is an organization called “LGBT Prolife” that has the support of some in the Christian prolife community because more Christians are starting to understand that there are individuals in the gay community who share certain values with the Christian community & that is the respect for all human life including human life inside the womb.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Pro-Life, You would feel differently if you knew Jason Smeds. (Brian)

  • Gary Harryman

    Rigged justice. She’ll be out in a week and with no record.

  • joeyty

    @1EqualityUSA: True. Even Nazis, ISIS, etc.

  • Tom Nadzan

    She was found guilty! That’s what matters!

  • Michael LaTorre

    Being a little hard on her aren’t ya guys?
    Ugh unbelievable
    Bashings ok everyone! Just a slap on the wrist (especially if ya have money)

  • David Robins

    I guess it pays off if your dad is Police Chief. This is a travesty of justice. #GayLivesMatter

  • Leonard Woodrow

    The whole crowd should have been jailed until they were re-educated.

    “Covington (the judge) echoed the victim’s statement as she sentenced Knott, expressing her shock at the defendant’s actions, especially because Knott worked in the medical profession.”

    Clearly Knott is not fit for such a job until she has been cleansed of such bigoted and outdated views.

  • Rico A Saxton

    Bitch needed more time….

  • David Andrew Roubideaux

    She should of got more time. She could of killed some one. And who’s to say she won’t do it again and again. What a stupid woman!

  • vonric

    @drdltd: she’s the daughter of A police chief, not the Philly police chief…. and her daddy’s street creds were not enough to keep her from being fired from her job as an Emergency Room tech after she posted x-rays of patients online….

    So, when she gets out of jail, she will have an employment record that shows her being fired because she violated patient privacy and she will have a criminal record…..

    and yep, stupid does not begin to describe

  • DCguy

    KEEP YOUR EYE ON THIS! Chances are her cop dad already made a deal, they will quietly let her out in a week or so claiming that the jail is too crowded. No joke.

    The only joke are those two on the jury who felt bad for her. So she attacks others and you feel bad for her? Those two should be in jail as well.

  • Nik D'ambra

    Hopefully she’ll get gang bang by ” BUTCHETT ” and her girlfriends !!!!!

  • Mitch Dawson

    What? No affluenza here?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Redemption may happen on this one. Let the young one do her time and turn things around. Showering her with hatred only worsens the outcome. Our anger should be directed towards the politicians who are the buoys showing up in lakes of hate.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    I think most of my LGBT brothers and sisters should read, be familiar with, and demand that their States implement the Human Rights Charter – especially the Canadian version of it.

    This is the only way for Gay men and woman to be fully protected under the law.

  • Chuck

    Little Miss Spoiled Princess better sleep with one eye open. Karma will bite her in the ass hard. I hope she enjoys every minute of her vacation!

  • DCguy

    I wonder if she will be separated out from the rest of the prisoners for two reasons. Her dad is a cop, and also she is there for a gay bashing, and on her twitter talked about how “Dyk-*y” a woman’s haircut looked. I’m not sure that would go over very well in a woman’s prison.

  • scotty

    she totally overestimated the philly areas disdain for gay men. i hope the city shows her as much love as she showed her fellow humans. the city has a way of giving back karma to those in need. dont believe me? go walk down south street, you’ll see what i mean.

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