British Boy Band Star Lee Ryan Comes Out As Bisexual On “Big Brother UK”

Lee_RyanThings are bound to get interesting on this homophobic season of Celebrity Big Brother UK (not to be confused with the racist American version). Current houseguests including N-Dubz rapper Dappy and boxer Evan Holyfield have been slammed for anti-gay statements made on-air, but that didn’t stop Lee Ryan from coming out as bisexual this week.

The member of British boy band Blue reportedly revealed for the first time that he had a relationship with another man during a conversation “about orgies and same-sex relationships.” We don’t get good ol’ Channel 5 here in the States, so we’re not sure whether he fully came out as bisexual or if he simply dabbled in dudes, but the British tabloids seem to unanimously agree: Lee Ryan is bisexual.

“Yeah I’ve been with a man. Everyone’s done experimentational [sic] shit. I’ll tell you later,” he said, adding “of course, man. I’m a well-travelled person. I’ve never admitted it anywhere. No one’s bothered to ask.”

Later that evening, he kissed two different female houseguests. Shortly after, a female houseguest suggested (and consequently began planning) an orgy. You crazy Brits! Please cast one of the One Direction boys next season!

Below, more of Lee Ryan in less clothing:





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  • Dixie Rect

    Wasn’t ‘Blue’ a one hit wonder in the late 90s?

  • jimbryant

    I don’t like this association between bisexual people and orgies. It serves to stereotype such people. Enough damage has been done to the concept of bisexuality by females who perform with women for the benefit of men in adult movies.

    Overall, I think this show in Britain is tabloid crap.

  • roguetrader

    He didn’t ‘come out’ as bisexual, he just inferred that he experimented – ‘ as everybody does’ (sic). The previous commentator is correct, it’s tabloid crap.
    The person you should report on in Big Brother is your very own Evander Holyfield, heavyweight boxer. He had a rant & said gay people were like disabled people & could get treatment for their condition. He also said that being gay was a choice, & expressed a complete dislike of gay people; it was terrible to watch frankly, hopefully he’ll be voted out first!

  • dougmc92

    now him- I believe. He probably does ‘still fancies girls’…….

  • Zodinsbrother

    Lee didn’t say he was bisexual. He said he had experimented with guys. I actually think that’s more significant. Lee is a famous pussy hound, he’s notorious for his female conquests. So a confirmation that he had also dabbled with dick is probably a bigger step culturally.

  • Daveliam

    Another queerty exaggeration, huh? “I’ve experimented with guys” equals identifying as “bisexual” now?

    I guess that means that I’m bisexual now too, huh, since I had a girlfriend in college? I guess that means that any gay man who’s ever had been with a woman is actually bisexual and not gay? I guess that means that queerty can just attribute sexuality to whomever they want now?

  • jimbryant

    A lot of you don’t understand male-male sexuality. Your idea of male-male sexuality is based on what you see in gay bars. Let me give you some advice: gay bars are the worst possible places to obtain an education on male-male sexuality. Allow me to school you.

    There is far less stigma in a man saying that he’s attracted to women than there is in a man saying he’s attracted to men. Thus, if a gay-identifying man says he doesn’t desire to be with woman parts, it’s really because he doesn’t like woman parts.

    On the other hand, if a straight-identifying man says he doesn’t desire to be with man parts, it’s likely that the stigma has guided his declaration. Therefore, if a straight-identifying man denies sexual interest in men, it’s much more likely that he’s lying.

  • Zodinsbrother


    I don’t think any of that is relevant here. Lee is a famous womaniser. He’s getting himself in to trouble on the show because he’s been engaging in sex acts with two women within a day of each other.

    He’s very clearly just a straight guy who is just so highly sexualised that he gave it a try.

    It’s also worth pointing out he was probably only saying it to get in the knickers of the bisexual woman he’s been chasing.

  • alanj

    Isn’t this tabloid tv made worse by the fact that the housemates are B grade celebrities trying to extend their shaky careers?
    The only thing they seem to be adept at doing is creating headlines for the gossip columns. Wasn’t Lee the first to be evicted and then placed in a holding house where he was able to review the previous broadcasts, including the controversy caused by Hollander & Dappy’s homophobic remarks? – I smell an opportunistic rat!

  • litper

    So he’s your usual “straight” guy from craigslist?

  • AuntieChrist

    I wasn’t expecting all those hot guys. I need ta fetch me some smellin salts.

  • alanj

    @AuntieChrist: Well that clip explains a lot. Still trashing other forums though.

  • alanj

    Ironic that their big hit was ‘All Rise’ and their website announces a tour with Wet, Wet, Wet !!!

  • EdWoody

    He admitted a long time ago that he’d been in at least one MFM threesome with the actual bisexual guy in Blue, Duncan (the muscly white guy w/ tattoos in above pics). So that he’s open to such things is not new news.


    Sexiest boy band members evah, plus tag along friend (no doubt he has a winning personality!)

    Duncan James ( “officially” bi ) is the rare example of a gay getting much. MUCH hotter with age. Never used to get the fuss about him before with his overly fussy gay hair and frosted tips etc — big turn off. But now? Dude is off the fucking chain!!!! HOTTTTT!

  • jimbryant

    The “bisexual” woman he’s chasing on the show is possibly a fake. Women often fake their bisexuality in order to titillate straight guys.

    These women do immense damage to our rights.

  • TinaTheGreat

    This show has been shown to cause brain damage. Avoid!

  • Spike

    Nothing says has been dlist desperate for attention more then waiting till you are on a reality show to come out.

  • Spike

    @jimbryant: Women faking bisexuality to titillate st8t guys damages gay rights.

    Lets see that would fall under yet another Jim Bryant hates women post. My that column is getting full. Now you know Jim, once you hit your quota, no more gays hate women posts till next month.

  • Spike

    @jimbryant: Lets see, a lot of you gays, don’t understand male-male sexuality, this post falls under the I am a higher evolved gay then the rest of you gays. Apparently being a higher evolved gay means you have not had sex in 20 years and desperate for dick in your ass.

  • AEH

    Wow, they sure are quick to label him, aren’t they? I guess everyone who has experimented in college must be bisexual.

  • the other Greg

    @Spike: Don’t be silly – “jim” has made the choice to be “chaste.”

    In reality, other people have made that choice for him (if you get what I mean, lol) but I guess we can all be glad he’s chaste!

  • crowebobby

    I’m 76 years old and have had sex with 5 women/girls in my life (at this point, I have no idea why), but I’ve never been straight or even bi; I have always been 100% gay. It was there, they were more interested than I was, the body will respond to almost any stimuli at certain ages; I also got a couple of ersatz blow jobs from a vacuum cleaner when I was 12, but I was never sexually attracted to it. I don’t know why people (especially other straight males) find it so difficult to accept the idea of a straight man having some homosexual experiences with a general lack of real interest or emotional involvement. (I’m not saying that genuine bisexuality doesn’t also exist.) This isn’t so much in response to these particular comments as it is to the recurring “a real man wouldn’t even be able to get it up” b.s. I keep coming across in these posts.

  • Niall

    This is actually embarrassing, he didn’t come out as Bisexual, just said he experimented once. Does that mean a gay man who experimented with women in his youth before deciding they were not for him is bisexual too? Get a grip. He’s still a straight guy, just a slightly open minded one

  • MK Ultra

    I think that straight guys not being afraid to admit having same sex experiences helps reduce the stigma around gay and bi men.

  • stranded


    That’s exactly what i was going to say. Lee said he was with Duncan, sexually, around the time Duncan came out. Which is a really hot fantasy.

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