We Want Our Gay TV!

British Gay Activist Takes On BBC

Ben Summerskill pulled a GLAAD on BBC. The British activist used this weekend’s Equity Diversity Conference to criticize the broadcaster’s dearth of gay representations. Summerskill pointed out that gay folk contribute more than $400 million of the company’s neary $6.5 billion licensing revenue, yet queers still don’t have much of a presence. What’s more, the obvious absence puts the BBC out of step with the nation’s evolving culture.

Said Summerskill:

I have always been a huge advocate of the BBC and I do think it has served historically as a cultural glue for so many people in this country. But I think it is putting the opportunity of continuing to do that in peril if it does not properly engage and portray the way Britain is in the 21st century, rather than the way a small number of people at the top of that organization imagine it might be.

Wait, so network executives don’t fairly represent, understand or care about the common people? What a fucking shocker!