British Man Stabbed Husband To Death During Heated Argument Over Utility Bill (Updated)

With the price of oil and gas going up, heating costs are a bitch, but it’s no reason to stab your spouse in the chest. Now 32-year-old Michael Edwards, just convicted on slaying his hubby John Edwards (yes) after a drunken argument over a utilities bill, is the perpetrator of Britain’s first same-sex domestic violence murder and will serve at least 13 years.

Edwards was told by the judge: “You went through a civil ceremony together and in the main you lived happily together thereafter. I am prepared to accept that you now bitterly regret your actions and the loss you have caused.” The killer says he intended to seriously harm his lover, but not to kill him.

Two lessons from this: 1) Never discuss serious financial matters (or anything serious, like Lady Gaga v. Madonna) while wasted; and 2) Killing someone is a form of “serious harm.”

UPDATE: Michael Edwards was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

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    Next stop “power” bottom in prison…………..

  • scott ny'er

    He said he meant to do harm. It’s crazy.

  • David

    Last time dat bitch will leave the immersion on for a full week!

  • Jimmi

    Me and my husband usually fight when the Amex Centurion Bill arrives on his accountant’s desk.

  • hyhybt

    Two questions (or three, depending on how you count): in the picture, which is which?

    and is this really the first? I thought they had one around 6 months to a year ago where one claimed he didn’t intend to kill him, but then decided that as long as he was dead anyway, he might as well cook up a piece and eat it.

  • fredo777


    wow. tasteful, that.

  • klara lee

    @Jimmi: Me and my husband fight over my plastic surgery bills. It costs a LOT of money to become a Beautiful Asian Woman (BAW) when one is a Beautiful Icelandic Woman(BIW). Until my outside reflects my inside, I will never be complete as a person.

    He doesn’t completely understand my Transracial transethnic nature but he supports me nonetheless. He knew I was a cis-gender female, but only recently learn that I am NOT cis-race or cis-ethnic female.

    Shoutout to all my transracial transethnic sisters and brothers & intersex individuals.

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