the shot

Bryan Boy Is Trapped Inside a Glass House

THE SHOT — Phillipines-based fashion blogger BryanBoy, who’s been traipsing (and twittering) through New York for Fashion Week, arrives in Milan for FW and finds himself “locked inside my friend’s apartment bldg. No keys, no phone credit. But i have a beautiful fox dolce & gabbana fur coat in the big bag.” Thank god for bare essentials.

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  • terrwill

    Guess he can’t throw any stones………….. : p

  • Jack

    I hope he gets his leg caught in a hunting trap and has to gnaw through his own shinbone to escape.

  • j

    @Jack: Poor fox. :'( But then again you could say the same about anyone that’s ate sausage (not the good kind) today or had a packet of mnms (jellotine). Judge not, least ye be (ready to give up everything that could make you reprehensible) judged yourself, and even then its not a nice thing to do.

  • Greg Theron

    Haha, I hope for the same Jack. Look at his outfit, it’s completely disgusting, even without the coat!

  • Jack

    @j: First off, it’s not ‘poor fox’. It’s ‘poor foxes’. Plural. Takes quite a number of deaths to make a coat like that.

    Secondly, I don’t eat any slaughter by-products. I never have done, I was raised that way. I should also add it’s not really a valid comparison between slaughter for meat – sickening and barbaric, but controlled at least by *some* legal standards – and slaughter for fur. In places like China, with NO regulations to govern animal welfare, these creatures are routinely slammed to the ground in an attempt to break their spines, and freqently skinned whilst still alive. Think about that for a moment – slammed to the ground, skinned alive. Think about it while you’re petting your own cat or dog.

    Yes, I’m proud to say I DO judge the sick fucks who ignore that for the sake of “fashion”. Anyone that devoid of compassion is sub-human.

  • benlayvey

    Was it Kanye who said “Welcome to the Good Life”?

  • SouLKid

    Did someone say ‘poor foxes’? Please!
    I guess u dont wear any leather shoes either. Poor cows!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    How many tarps had to die for that fancy floor covering?

  • David

    I’ve written Bryan Boy’s website in the past about his vain cruelty and lack of compassion. I was hoping I wouldn’t be reminded of him again, but then I saw a photo of him sitting next to Anna W. the hideous La Prada woman at a fashion show (animal people got her with a pie once). He doesn’t care; he thinks he is a clever and sophisticated social climber – “Let the animals die for meeeeeee.” He doesn’t get it or have the sensibility or intelligence to understand pain and emotion in an animal – like a hunter killing for fun and pleasure. Bryan is a little queen from a third world country who has been sucked in to pretentious glamour – wonder if PETA has sprayed her yet? Good on most of you telling him he isn’t pretty.

  • Rob Moore

    @Jack: I am not sure what you mean by not eating slaughter by-products. Does it mean you don’t eat meat?

    I grew up on a farm. We slaughtered animals for meat, but wasted as little as possible. We didn’t want to kill an animal just for the choice stuff and throw the rest out to the buzzards.

    I do not ever want animals to be tortured, but I don’t see a problem with killing animals for the nutrients. We evolved as omnivores to eat both plant and animal. Animals are our best source of proteins, and pregnant or nursing mothers need all the protein they can get to provide proper nutrition to developing infants skeletons, muscles, and brains.

  • romeo

    Looks like a lot nicer joint than any of the places I stayed in in Milan. I like Milan, except I got mugged by gypsies outside the Galleria there. All kinds of bystanders, but nobody came to my aid. They were pussies though. I just yelled at them and started pushing them and they ran off. Couldn’t get away with that in the States. LOL Also, they didn’t have guns.

  • romeo

    I have mixed feelings about fur that I haven’t been able to resolve. I love animals, but we are omnivores as Rob says. Vegetarians always look pasty and kind of unhealthy to me. But beyond that, consider that leather is just about essential for shoes. Just about nothing works as well or holds up as well. Nobody is seriously trying to ban the use of leather, so what’s the difference? I’m not being facetious. Maybe it’s a matter of the degree of use. Fur is more a vanity, esthetic, thing. But even at that, it seems like nit-picking. I think I’ve just opened the porthole on a shit storm here.

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