Bryan Fischer Can’t Decided Whether Or Not He’s Had Gay Impulses

bryan-fischer-vvsummit2009The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer has spent most of his “career” hating your gay impulses and attacking those who “give in” to them, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t felt them!

The notorious nutjob returned to Alan Colmes’ radio program this week to discuss the connection between homosexuality and “the collapse of the western economy.” When asked if he’d ever felt the homosexual impulses he so vehemently opposes, Fischer couldn’t seem to answer the simple “yes” or “no” question.

Here’s a portion of that interview, via Right Wing Watch:

Fischer: I’ve experienced them. Every man, every woman has experienced certain sexual impulses that, if they acted on them, if they conducted themselves by yielding to those impulses, it would destroy them. Ask Tiger Woods about that.

Colmes: I don’t think I’ve ever had sexual impulses that would destroy the society or the culture or make me a deviant in some way. I honestly don’t think that’s ever happened, even in your eyes, so I’m surprised. I wonder what impulses you’re talking about. If you’ve had them, I’d love to know what they are.

Fischer: Well the focus Alan is on sexual conduct, sexual behavior, not on sexual impulse …

Colmes: So you won’t tell me whether you yourself have been able to overcome a gay impulse?

Fischer: Alan, give it a rest.