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  • Mike L.

    Fashion what?

    They look like a bunch of fashion gypsies. Except for the second one from L to R.

    Well they’re in Milan and I’m not so yeah, I’ll keep my mouth shut lol.

  • scott ny'er

    You know what’s really pretty, that sculpture thing at the base of the dude on the left.

  • Michael David

    quit featuring useless queens – bryanboy is from the philippines, but he has done NOTHING to merit being featured by an LGBT publication. too many advocates do not get recognition yet deserve what you just throw away to someone useless like this guy – start with sass sasot, angie umbac, anne lim, myke sotero, ceejay agbayani, richard mickley, m.d. dela cruz tan, et cetera.
    for once, queerty, get off your western approach to sensationalistic coverage of anything of/from asia – give the DESERVING some coverage, and throw away the USELESS like bryanboy. people are getting killed here every day; the law still does NOT recognize LGBT existence; gay students are kicked out of school if they don’t go straight; HIV rates are increasing every year among MSMs; TGs are BANNED in malls; et cetera – so please, please give more coverage to real NEWS, not social climbing nobodies.

  • Jeremy

    @Michael David: I Google Sass Sasot and found that UN video. At the end of her speech, I was weeping. The words that described her pain, her experience and feeling are absolutely inspirational. Thank you for mention her name, because now I have another “true hero”. Although I have to warn you: your comment will get “thumbed down”, a lot. Last time I was here criticizing this guy for being a non-relevant face of our community, his fans ripped my face off and accused me being a “homo-normative” A-hole. I called his appearances “scream for attention”, his people said they are “fearless” and take a lot of “confidence” to wear those. Yup, it’s pretty bold to wear your grandma’s flower potato sack.

  • IDontUnderstand

    Vermin, they are all vermin.

  • counterpoll

    @Michael David: I am glad I read your whole post, because you introduced us to some people who we in the US and elsewhere *should* hear about.

    The tone of your writing, however almost had me skip everything after the first sentence. Perhaps your anger got in the way of your good infornation?

  • Alex

    I love Bryanboy! I think he’s to die for and why shouldn’t Queerty feature him when they’re featuring people like waste-of-space Davey Wavey, who really has done nothing for any of us. Bryanboy is doing plenty for the gay community BY BEING HIMSELF and not conforming to heteronormative standards. His blurring of gender boundaries requires more balls than the majority of us here have.

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