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Bryanboy Plays Dress Up

I’ve been told “You aren’t doing enough New York Fashion Week coverage” by my pseudo superior, who doesn’t seem to understand that my understanding of high fashion means “something other than a T-shirt.” But Bryanboy, the Philippines-based fashionista, lets me fill the news hole easily, because it sounds like he’s being paid by H&M to dress up cute male models with his idea of “fashion forward.” This might actually be the first time I’ve ever heard Bryanboy’s voice, so maybe that’s a reason to watch this?

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  • Jon B

    Stop it with the cape and satchel… I can’t. If Braveheart chic was ever going to come into fashion, it should have been in 95 when it won the Oscar.

    Come to think of it, Cher did rock some kilt-like plaid skirts in Clueless. Oh God, is it the 90’s again? Gawker recently warned about this!

  • L.

    There is never a reason to watch him.

  • chris

    I <3 BRYANBOY!

  • thousandfold

    A quick intro to Bryanboy. He has an aversion to eating, perpetually thinks he’s fat, seems to welcome his frequent bouts of diarrhea, and loves to wear women’s shoes and carry women’s handbags. Oh, and he disdains his family even though they fund his obsession with the material life, he buys expensive and ugly shit, brags about the exclusive parties he’s been to, and obsesses over what fashion houses are releasing each season. He doesn’t work or otherwise do anything worth noting.

  • Michael David

    Have mercy – STOP FEATURING USELESS QUEENS. He has done nothing to promote LGBT issues in the Philippines; he only exists to promote himself by social climbing. Too many LGBT advocates remain unnoticed – give them some exposure; else, you are doing nothing substantial to help LGBT Filipinos who – while this gold digger is partying – are dying by the minute!

  • Mike L.

    He is much more pleasant in motion than on still pics, they were both cute :)

  • OH

    this makes me want to puke. what a waste of time. Queerty: stick to what you know – the gay agenda, not the fashion industry agenda.

  • Greg Theron


  • SG

    He does a good job. The first outfit was v. cute. And the shoes looked decent (tho I suspect are not so great in real life). I’ve like bryanboy from back when he was just a blogger and I’m glad to see he’s doing so well.

  • Raquel Santiago

    @thousandfold: reminds me of my exwhich is why he is now an ex their attitude makes them ugly.

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