Bullying Victim Who Complained About Antigay Graffiti Was Told To Clean Up Himself

Chick fil A Gay MarriageHere’s a crazy story from Sweden that might just be too crazy to be true: according to reports (that nobody seems to be able to confirm), a bullying victim who complained to his school about harassing graffiti was told to clean it up himself.

According to the story, the kid’s name appeared in homophobic graffiti in bathrooms. When he complained to administrators, they told him that if he wanted anyone to remove the graffiti, he’d have to do it himself.

That sounds pretty monstrous. Why would a school treat a student so terribly? Why indeed?

We don’t know who the kid is, or how old his is, or where he lives. We don’t know what school it was, other than that it’s in Western Sweden. We don’t know the identity of the administrators.

We do know that the kid has reportedly left the school for an internship. Is that a thing that school kids can do in Sweden?

The entire report comes from one paper — The Local — which cites a Swedish-language paper called Metro as the source. But a search of Metro’s website for “graffitin,” or “radera orden själv” turns up nothing. So … is this true?

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