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  • victor

    thanks a lot. thanks for ruining the show for me (and probably a lot of others) who TiVo the show to watch later.

    maybe next time put the results after a page break?

  • -M-

    Yes! Shame on you Queerty for ruining Victor and millions of other Fags’ (with TiVo) lives permanently!

    I hope you’ll be able to live with yourself after you’ve scarred them for life!

    Tsk Tsk!

  • todd

    Buh-bye cry baby. You’re designs were booooooring and mediocre! Nina let you skate by long enough, lame-o.

  • mozzer13

    I felt so cheated that he didn’t cry when he was kicked out. I expected him to have a knife ready to start cutting himself on the runway. Crybaby bastard.

  • hates-a-blabbermouth

    hey asshats, a little less spoilage next time, please? some of us watch shows a little later in this advanced age of DVRs. Not that you couldn’t have done that 20 years ago with a VCR.

  • Jeff

    “I felt so cheated that he didn’t cry when he was kicked out.”

    I know. Did he even cry at all on that episode?

    I guess his not crying is the analogue of their editing other characters elimination episodes to actually show them as more than a 1-dimensional cardboard cutout.

  • Amber LeMay

    Personally, I don’t mind knowing who’s getting auf’d – it makes watching the show interesting in how they edit it.

    Wouldn’t you have LOVED to heard Christian’s thoughts when he realized he didn’t win? They must’ve been nasty or they would’ve aired at least something!

  • Tintin Malfoy

    When Ricky was auf’d, I thought, “Here it comes.” But it was quite anitclimatic. There wasn’t the complete meltdown I expected.

  • RJ


  • Ken

    I agree. Have some sense (and courtesy): don’t put spoilers in headlines.

  • Brian

    Thanks for the warning on the spoiler!

  • mozzer13

    Tintin, I think they shot him in the ass with a dart full of lithium just before he was aufed. Heidi Klum wasn’t about to let him go off on her runway.

  • mikeoutwest

    Yeah, what the fuck?! Have you never written a blog before? There’s this whole **spoiler alert** thing that’s been around since about 1880. Hell, the fucking Bible comes with spoiler alerts.

    Now, who’s Ricky again?

  • hisurfer

    Ron Paul is the last chance for the designers on Project Runway to change course.

  • t3

    His departure is LONG overdue!

  • HJB

    I already miss his hats…

    No, wait. I don’t miss them at all.

    So long, Mr Slave!

  • dons888

    It was about f*cking time!

  • thatguyfromboston

    seriously, what the f was up with the hats.?

  • Tintin Malfoy

    Mozz… that explains A LOT. Ms. Klum won’t stand for a tear soaked runway.

  • afrolito

    So glad his fug ass is gone. I cringed everytime I saw his squat body, and those ugly fucking hats he insisted on assaulting us with.

    Oh, and his designs were boring as yellow wallpaper.

  • Don't Cry For Me, Project Runway

    To those of you who complain about others “spoiling” the outcome of Project Runway because you record the show for later viewing, BOO-HOO. What are we suppose to do, run a survey to find out when you decide to watch the episode before it’s safe for us to discuss it? Or wait until it goes into reruns and it’s old news? There’s no possible way for us to know when you decide to watch your recorded programs, so suck it up or stay at home and watch the show when it’s aired.

  • Brian

    Run a survey? Nah, just show some courtesy to your readers. You could hide the large picture and the name behind a link for one day.

  • Don't Cry For Me, Project Runway

    Okay. So we’re suppose to modify our behavior because you have techno toys you need to take advantage of? LOL. I don’t hardly think so.

    You supposedly recorded the programs because you didn’t have time to watch them when they originally aired, so now that you obviously have the time, what are you doing farting around on the internet when you could be watching your important tivo’d programs.

    I think it’d be a better idea if you would just watch your recorded tivo’d programs before you took up even more of your valuable time on the internet bitching at us ’cause your time management problems are amping up your control issues.

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