Can Everyone Stop Saying Levi Johnston Is a Gay Icon? Because He Isn’t

Just because we enjoyed seeing R-rated pictures of Levi Johnston does not make the man a gay icon. And we would appreciate it if Joy Behar — whose television show exists to educate American about homosexuals — would stop pushing the theory.

It wasn’t a matter of “maybe” or “might be” to Joy. In an interview last night, she put to Johnston: “You realize you’re a gay icon. You realize that?” To which Levi responds: “Yep.”

Sorry, but Levi is not a gay icon. He’s pretty; that doesn’t make him a gay icon. He wields a hockey stick; that doesn’t make him a gay icon. He hates Sarah Palin; well, that helps. But “gay icon” is a status reserved for folks who actually deserve it. Cher. Madonna. And Queen Elizabeth’s new BFF, Lady Gaga.

Levi is just a guy who we want to mess around with behind closed doors, then ditch when it’s time to meet our friends for a drink. He might be an icon for some — liberals? — but a few fags who want to give him carpet burn doesn’t elevate him to this status.