Can Everyone Stop Saying Levi Johnston Is a Gay Icon? Because He Isn’t

Just because we enjoyed seeing R-rated pictures of Levi Johnston does not make the man a gay icon. And we would appreciate it if Joy Behar — whose television show exists to educate American about homosexuals — would stop pushing the theory.

It wasn’t a matter of “maybe” or “might be” to Joy. In an interview last night, she put to Johnston: “You realize you’re a gay icon. You realize that?” To which Levi responds: “Yep.”

Sorry, but Levi is not a gay icon. He’s pretty; that doesn’t make him a gay icon. He wields a hockey stick; that doesn’t make him a gay icon. He hates Sarah Palin; well, that helps. But “gay icon” is a status reserved for folks who actually deserve it. Cher. Madonna. And Queen Elizabeth’s new BFF, Lady Gaga.

Levi is just a guy who we want to mess around with behind closed doors, then ditch when it’s time to meet our friends for a drink. He might be an icon for some — liberals? — but a few fags who want to give him carpet burn doesn’t elevate him to this status.

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  • Qjersey

    Gay icon in that “gay for pay” amateur website kinda way. We really need to stop drooling over straight men when there are so many HOT gay men out there that need our attention.

  • terrwill

    HEY QUEERTY PEOPLE: Anyone who can get Scarah Pallins
    panties bunched up so damm tight that the bun on her
    head is about to explode and drives the rightwing nutbag
    lunatics absolutley insane is a certified GAY ICON!!
    I watched with Joy (I’m on a roll today!) as during the
    interview Joy played clips of Scarah discussing Levi and
    it was very clear this kid is driving her and the rightwin
    freaking nuts. Levi unfortunately is dumb as a bag of
    hockey pucks. However gave props to the Gays and is making
    Scarahs life miserable. I love him!!

    After the official new Gay Icon Levi’s segment Joy
    had on Andrew Sullivan. He reiterated the story which sheds
    a whole lot ‘o potential scandal on Scarah and company.
    She was in Texas when her water broke, during a speech
    no less as contractions were beginning. Instead of
    rushing to the nearest hospital. She booked a flight back
    to Alaska. Reporters interviewing fight attendants on that
    flight asked why despite FAA regulations prohibiting persons
    past the 8th month of being preggers (in labor no less!)
    was allowed on the flight. Their response? They DID NOT
    KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT! This is a woman who’s water broke
    and was having contractions. I am not too familiar with
    that vagina thing the ladies sport, but I think when you are passing something the size of a bowling ball the ladies tend to scream. Andrew Sullivan who I an now beginning to like
    said “there is a whole lot of the Scarah Pallin story
    which no one knows” Ya think?????????

  • Scottie

    We have to raise our standards if we even remotely think Levi is a gay icon. I mean seriously, having Levi as a gay icon makes us look like a bunch of idiots. Cher, yes. Levi, no. We need to think of another term for hot young straight guys looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Gay toy maybe?

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Amen Terrwill! You said it all!

    Agreed, just because we wanna bust a nut or two in his cute all-Alaska-boy face doesn’t make him a gay Icon – but giving a nod to us and accepting his “icon” status with grace and causing non-stop angst for the conservative hypocrites makes me giddy as hell.

    So, yes, gay icon he is (’til further notice). Go Levi!!! And, uh, Mr. Johnston, buff up just a bit more. K?

  • depfox

    In order to be a gay Icon you just have to be cute and have a nice body…

    Gay people will admire love and idolize any hot guy homophobic or not.

  • Attmay

    I’m a gay iconoclast. This deadbeat dad in the making does nothing for me.

  • AlwaysGay

    No heterosexual is a “gay icon.” Heterosexuals have oppressed gay people for thousands of years. I’m not worshipping oppressors.

  • What?

    He’s cute remotely cute or pretty. I don’t even get those comments let alone the “gay icon” bit.

    He’s very painfully average at best and he was chubby before he obtained handlers so he loses even more points.

  • Jayson

    I wonder how many times the slur “faggot” has come out of his mouth?

  • J. Clarence

    Queerty, best title ever, by the way. I’m somewhat stunned people have called him a gay icon, unless they 1) don’t know what it means and/or 2) thinks just posing naked for a magazine targeted towards women but read by gay men classifies you as a gay icon.

    I’m a big supporter of Levi, but it is kind of insulting in many ways that some in the press thinks he is an icon for gay and lesbian people to look up to.

    Now if he decides to be the Grand Marshall at a Pride Parade or go on a speaker as an “ally” then we can talk about him being a gay icon.

    Maybe, though “gay icon” is just straight-speak for “man-flesh gay men drool over” nowadays.

  • Andrew W

    I hereby declare that he is a gay icon. That’s how this works, right? Do I have to pick my arbitrary qualifiers first and then see if he fits, or do I declare that he’s a gay icon and then tailor my arbitrary qualifiers to order?

  • Robert

    When I think ‘icon’ I think of someone who symbolizes in some way what a group stands for; or at the very least supports a group.

    Levi is neither of these things. At best he’s a bit of interesting gossip to talk about for his whole 15 minutes, which were up long before his Playgirl shoot ever took place.

    Sure lots of gay people are looking at his photos; so are a lot of straight people. Who cares. His photos don’t make him anything more than what he already was… a hasbeen.

  • ChrisM

    No, he’s not a gay icon. A gay icon has to DO something for gays. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy is homophobic. Just because he admits to “realizing” he’s a gay icon doesn’t mean he supports gay rights or even respects us. I agree with Jayson, he comes across as the type of macho man that spits out the F word every five seconds.

  • Paul

    C’mon Joy, I adore you on the View, and you along with Whoopie are the voices of reason, but Levi? He has made public anti-gay remarks, and is now trying to back-peddle for his own self interests. A gay icon is not just someone WE love, but someone who loves us back. Please stop the charade and hopefully he will be done with his 15 minutes soon.

  • David

    I totally agree and that’s exactly what I thought when I heard Joy say that – “What?!” Thanks Joy, but I don’t need you to speak for me. True, I’d go down on Levi but he ain’t no gay icon.

  • terrwill

    Boys, simmer down. Joy wasn’t refering to Levi as some kind
    of Harvey Milk Figure. Simply that most of the Gays
    wanted to see just what Levi has in his Levis. In the porny type of Icon,not the actual peoples who did something positive for the

    No. 13 · Paul: I don’t recall any anti Gay poo spewing from
    Levi’s mouth. If you have a link please advise. The kid is
    dumb as a bag ‘o hockey pucks but said nothing offensive
    on Joy Behar last nite. Actually seemed kinda embaraessed
    when Joy mentioned Gay icon status…………..

  • J

    He is a Gay Icon to me!! He is beautiful, handsome, and it is obviously gay guys that are drooling over the playgirl shoot. Not girls. And You can count me as one of the guys drooling. Keep on Keepin on Levi!

  • YellowRanger

    I wouldn’t go as far as “gay icon;” but I do love the dude.

    Good looks aside, the guy crawls under Sarah Palin’s skin in a way I haven’t seen anyone else manage to do. Anyone who can throw her off her game like that is A-OK in my book.

  • Paul

    To # 15 Terrwill: some text from GQ’s article by John Jeremiah Sullivan entitled “He Shall be Levi”:

    “Tank (Johnston’s bodyguard-my words) is working to contain and reduce in frequency Levi’s homophobic outbursts, instituting a new philosophy of “versatility.”

    “We versatile, we versatile,” Tank says in mantra fashion whenever he senses Levi tensing up around an unfamiliar social type. “Versatile” does not mean “tolerant.”

    “tricked out like a duck hunter now, granted, not like a serious hunter, but no less ready to kick your ass if you messed with him or manifested homosexual tendencies around him”

    Levi is dumb as a rock but smart enough to know that his 15 minutes of fame (aka $$$) will reqire him to appear “gay-friendly” He knows what side his bread is buttered on.

    Hugh Jackman is a gay icon. Mr. Johnston, you are no Hugh Jackman.

    Pretty boys are a dime a dozen. Can we please stop rewarding this freak-show of a family?

  • Markles

    Levi Johnston is neither gay, nor an icon. He’s a media whore trying to make a lot of money off of the train wreck that was the McCain/Palin ticket. Just like Sarah Palin is a media whore trying to make a lot of money off of the train wreck that was the McCain/Palin ticket. It would be nice if Levi, Sarah, et al. would quietly go away. At least until the 2012 Palin/Bachmann ticket is announced and we all decide it would be better to kill ourselves than listen to the campaign ads.

  • Paul

    Hello Terrwill? Are you there?

  • Rhydderch

    @Paul: Kudos for digging up those quotes, did not know that. Although I’m kinda pissed at you for making it that much harder to toss off to his pics.

  • jason

    What gave Joy Behar the right to call Levi a gay icon? Get some reality pills, Joy.

  • andrew

    Levi Johnson is not a gay icon. But Joy Beehair IS an idiot.

  • Sug Night

    Behar kept harping on the gay icon thing as if it were an insult to him, or that he should be insulted. I know she’s a “friend to the gays”, but she made gay icon sound as if it were the lowest thing possible. He should be so lucky, although he clearly has no problem with us.

  • Taylor Siluwe

    Joy was only doing what a good host does going for the controversy – and giving a poke to Sarah Inc.

  • andrew

    Sug Night,

    That’s how liberals operate. They claim to be on the side of gay rights but then use the word “gay” in a perjorative sense when it suits them politically.

    Joy Behar is clearly one of these.

  • meltelly

    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

  • meltelly

    @terwill…you remind me of someone I used to know…I haven’t seen him for a few years, but he was a lion of words…anyway…I notice your ubiquity, thus my response.

  • mac mcneill

    He’s probably an easy lay. Just no one had taken advantage of him, or have they? I’m sure he would be hot in bed with his legs in the air. Icon or no icon, he can be had.

  • Miles

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being the voice of reason!! My mouth dropped when I heard both Joy and Kathy Griffin say Levi is a gay icon! I can’t believe these two smart women are referring to Levi as such. It is OFFENSIVE!! Joy and Kathy, PLEASE STOP!!!!!

  • Distingue Traces

    He may not be an “icon” but take some responsibility, Queerty: his moment would have LONG past if the gay blogs weren’t suckers for any semi-nude semi-celeb.

  • Paul

    To No. 22 · Rhydderch

    send me your email, i have some pics that will make you forget all about Mr. Johnston :)

  • Shaniqua

    I think queerty is just pissed they didn’t get to suck him off.

  • terrwill

    No. 29 · meltelly: Sorry, you totally lost me there………..

  • terrwill

    No. 19 · Paul: Ok thanks, I wasn’t aware.. I did say he is dumb as a bag of hockey pucks. He did say he never met a Gay in Wasilla. Which means his only “exposure” to the Gays was thru the homophobic rantings of Scarahs minions. So he is a typical hetro-straight boy needing to prove his straightness by dissin the homos. I get that. I am sorry but I still love this kid only for the fact that he is like an itch in the middle of your back, that no matter how hard you try can’t be scratched to go away. Levi will be that itch for Scarah and the repugnaticans who orchestrated the fantasy of he and the Wasilla tramp, Bristol of being a happy couple. And his book is surely going to cause Scarah’s panties to get bunched up even tighter. In a war sometimes you have to make alliances with someone who may not be 100% on your side. However if such alliance helps defeat the opposition you make execptions. The rightwing-nutbag zealot lunatics have certainly declared war on the Gays. Scarah is now within 1% in a poll for 2012 with Obama. There is a chance this lunatic lady will be the repugnatican nominee in 2012. Anything assistance coming from Levi’s camp to rattle her empty cage is welcome…………..

  • hephaestion

    Gay Icon? No, no, no.

    Tasty Little Morsel? Yes.

    Both Joy & Whoopi are clueless. Both have said anti-gay things on The View without even realizing it, just as white people sometimes cluelessly make comments insulting to blacks without realizing it.

  • taco

    i love how queerty assumes for itself the role of arbiter of who is and isn’t a gay icon.

    you all need to just relax. who gives a shit?

  • Jaroslaw

    Well Taco, just to have some fun, if you don’t care, why bother even posting?

  • BrianZ

    Taco: They are pissed because Joy didn’t suggest that Queerty’s favorite annoying queer, Girly Whirly, was a gay icon … not for fucking lack of trying on their part.

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