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Can You Blame Us For Not Wanting to Believe 73% of Republicans Don’t Want Gays Teaching Kids?

We’re not sure what to make of this Daily Kos Research poll of Republicans — commissioned by the liberal site, but, um, executed by whom? and conducted by Research 2000 — that says 73 percent of the 2,003 Republicans polled don’t want gays teaching in schools; 77 percent claiming they don’t want gays to be able to marry; 31 percent want birth control banned; 77 percent want Creationism taught as the truth in schools; and 39 percent want Obama impeached.

We find it hard to believe some of those numbers coming from self-identified Republicans (they were interviewed by phone), but this polling data is, not surprisingly, beneficial to the liberals that gather around sites like Daily Kos. What you have here is “concrete evidence” that Republicans are out to destroy Americans. And gay families and livelihoods.

It’s a pretty damning count, particularly with Daily Kos Research saying the margin of error is just +/- 2 percentage points. When we make arguments about how gay marriage is “inevitable,” how more Americans are becoming accepting of gays, how the repeal of DADT is garnering more and more support … it’s data like these that warrant a step backward, so we can consider, Who are these terrible people answering their phones?

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