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  • Daniel

    Not to be a bitchy queen BUT:

    Those photos are not from the Dior show. They are from John Galliano’s namesake label.

    Furthermore, it is not “almost certain” that this season was his last collection for Dior–it is confirmed. Dior fired him.

    But yes it did look pretty nice.

  • David

    Of course you can love his clothes while hating his anti-semitism. His extraordinary talent as a designer was never in question.

  • Tuca

    Sure, like when you miss shopping at Target just because they’re anti-gay. Unfortunately some talented people can be so dumb.

    And kudos for Daniel. Lazy lazy note…

  • TMikel

    When a designer publicly rants and attacks a woman because he does not like her looks and uses ethnic slurs, it is time to shun him and his clothing. Until people are held responsible for their actions and public comments, we will never rid the world of hatred. Some actions are inexcusable.

  • Cam

    Similar question to…

    If WEstboro Baptist put out a clothing line could I like it while still hating them? My answer….who cares, it came from them.

  • robert in NYC

    As much as I find Galliano’s rant offensive, I find it hypocritical of the House of Dior to exhibit his designs.

  • Cam

    @robert in NYC:

    You make a good point..His rant was so offensive, but apparently not so much that they don’t mind selling his clothes. I get that they have put a lot of money in, but to not be hypocrites, they could have made a HUGE deal about pulling the line, then had a splashy Dior Only show in a few months to showcase their new head designer.

  • andy

    The Nazi’s always had a flair for costume. That his show is beautiful does not surprise me.

  • alan brickman

    Shun his clothing???…most of you on here can’t even afford the designer knock offs….lol!

  • andy

    @alan brickman: I don’t know from what back woods state you come calling but I live in NYC and I’ve actually attended the Dior Couture Shows in Paris. Please don’t make assumptions.

  • robert in NYC

    No. 7, Cam….apparently money has no scruples. I wouldn’t mind betting that some unscrupulous wealthy Jewish women will continue to buy his designs if he continues to design elsewere. I believe in redemption, not that I’m in any way religious and if he truly makes amends, I don’t see why he can’t continue designing for another fashion house. Nobody can deny he has great talent and a good eye for what wealthy women want to wear.

  • divkid

    sweetie, sweetie, daaahliing…
    your simply too, too, deviiiine collection was quite simply… A TRIUMPH…
    ….OF THE WILL!

    mwaaah! and mwaaah!

  • Where do you draw the line?

    Similarly, would you willingly benefit from a useful treatment derived from “Doctor” Mengele’s medical experiments despite it being derived from torture?

  • Steve-O

    Yes i believe we can seperate the two. However, I would not buy anything for Galliano’s namesake label now for the same reason i wouldn’t shop at Target.

    However, I would still shop from Dior as the money won’t be going to Galliano.

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