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The cast of “Moonlight” strips down to their Calvins

Mahershala Ali is definitely having a moment.

On top of just becoming a father and winning the Academy Award for best supporting actor, the Moonlight star is now moonlighting as a Calvin Klein underwear model.

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So are costars Ashton Sanders, Alex Hibbert, and Trevante Rhodes.

Unveiling Calvin Klein’s Spring 2017 underwear collection, the “Moonlight Project” campaign was photographed by Willy Vanderperre, and each photo is intended “as a character study in its own right.”

Take a look at the campaign’s first images below: 

Related video:

h/t: Huffington Post Australia

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  • Xzamilloh

    I thought this was gonna be sexy… and then I saw the little boy, and that just ruined it for me. Great pictures, but now I’m kinda grossed out.

  • Scotty2Naughty

    The main character, Chiron is so F’n sexy

  • Uppity

    Moonlight was a good movie, but not a great one. It was undone by aimless dialogue and weak plotting in act three. Overall, the field of Oscar contenders for best movie was not the strongest this year. But Mahershala Ali certainly deserved his Oscar, his performance was transcendent. Interesting how Moonlight has generated almost no debate within the black community about tackling homophobia. Nobody of any prominence within the black community seems to have anything to say on the matter. And with a box office take of under $30 million, it hasn’t been seen by many people at all.

    • Black Pegasus

      @Uppity – the film felt unfinished. Lots of missed opportunities to use impactful dialogue to deliver a solid film. I’m happy a story about a gay black boy got some praise but it was undercooked left me hungry for more.

    • Ksb1978

      Homophobia in the black community is not any greater than in any other community. Almost every black queer themed film tackles homophobia within the black family. Homophobia is universal in every community. What about racism/bias in the LGBT community? Any thoughts on that?

  • jasentylar

    Trevante Rhodes (adult Chiron) is mmmmmmmm…lish. My everything

  • Kangol

    Trevante Rhodes–Chiron a/k/a Black–is divine.

    I do wish Queerty hadn’t included the little kid, though. The others, i.e., the adult MEN, especially Rhodes, are eye candy.

  • richard2179

    Wait, what? Moonlight was not a great movie? First you bitches complained when Brokeback Mountain got snubbed, now yo ass is Robert Ebert? Moonlight was every much THE movie of the year. That would be why it earned such a win with the Oscars. But what do they know?

    • Gigi Gee

      This is Queerty after all. I loved this film. Can’t wait to see it again.

  • brandon

    Where’s Jharrel Jerome?

  • He BGB

    Watched Moonlight last night. Altho I watched on the small screen and not a theatre size, it is the best movie I saw this year sofar and best of the Oscar contenders. Glad they didn’t ruin it with sex scenes but used romance and tenderness instead. Maybe it’s because I’m gay but Manchester by the Sea was BORING. Very straight guy movie. They said I would cry in Manchester BYS, but when it was over, that’s it? Definitely cried over Moonlight. I like newcomers and no nepotism, too. Enjoyed One Step a rare song by Aretha played in the movie before she went to Atlantic and made the Muscle Shoals songs. She almost sounds like Nancy Wilson. Moonlight is flawed but still better than anything I’ve seen in months.

  • maykasa

    I’d like Ashton Sanders and Mahershala Ali to auction their used Calvins.



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