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Casting Fifty Shades Of Gay


With the casting news of Charlie Hunnam (trust us, we are a fan) and Dakota Johnson (she’s not bad either) in the lead roles of Fifty Shades Of Grey, it’s hard not to think about how the movie might play out with different actors. Leading up to the news, everyone from Ryan Gosling to Matt Bomer was suggested for the role of Christian Grey. And rumors about Emma Watson as Anastasia even made the rounds on the internet. All were interesting suggestions, which got us wondering: Who would play Grey and Andy (aka Ana Steele) in Fifty Shades Of Gay…?


Christian: Luke Evans; Andy: Russell Tovey

Even though both UK actors could probably rock a believable American accent, it would be worth moving the setting of Fifty Shades abroad to give the film an exotic appeal. Evans, who is slightly older than Grey’s character, has enough suave to make it the age difference work. The actor is also slated to play Dracula, a seducer in his own right, in 2014 and exudes a certain sexual appeal that makes more than Tovey squirm. And then there’s Andy. Even though Tovey is actually 31, he hardly looks a day older than 25. Not too mention he looks innocent enough to question Grey’s dominant lifestyle. 


Christian: Darryl Stephens; Andy: Chris Colfer

Oddly enough, Chris Colfer is kind of the perfect Andy on paper. His character in the film, Struck By Lightning, embodies Andy’s main personalities traits – stubborn, studious, kind-hearted and virginal. What’s hard to imagine is him ever submitting himself to BDSM but maybe, just maybe, for Darryl Stephens he might. Not only is Stephens handsome but he has secret grin that makes you wonder if he’s hiding something.


Christian: Sean Maher; Andy: Colton Haynes

Sean Maher may not initially come to mind as the Christian Grey type but after playing Don John in Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, it’s hard not to consider him. Maher can easily play a manipulator as well as a seducer. Haynes may be an odd choice for Andy but it’s one that could be a lot of fun to play with considering his domineering, popular character on Teen Wolf. Besides the pairing looks good together.


Christian: Zachary Quinto; Andy: Ezra Miller

This may be the darkest of all the 50 Shades casting potentials. Ezra Miller proved he has the depth to play a lost youth in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower but can he play a stubborn, sexually-innocent college student? Yes. It’s not totally hard to imagine his character growing up to be an Andy of sorts. Besides, he has an exotic look that would believably transfix Zachary Quinto. And then there’s Quinto, who practically defines handsome and brooding. While casting Quinto as Grey is wishful thinking, it totally works more than the idea of Matt Bomer.


Christian: Wentworth Miller; Andy: Adamo Ruggiero

Having most prominently played a prisoner, we know Wentworth Miller could handle the darker sides of Grey’s character. The actor has also been out of the limelight long enough to create a mysterious air around him. Meanwhile, Adamo Ruggiergo has the youthful appeal that fits Andy’s college age character. On Degrassi, the actor dealt with the conflicts of coming out and that’s the perfect predecessor for a character unsure how to deal with such a sexually confident pursuer. Does he relent himself to Grey/Miller or not? It’s a choice that could lead to unintended consequences.

But honestly, who would you cast in a gay version of the film?

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