CBS Airs Homophobia and Racism From “Big Brother 15” Houseguests

Big-Brother-15-Cast-Howard-OverbyAfter a week of urging CBS to show the ugly realness that spews from some of the Big Brother 15 houseguests, the network aired homophobic and racist remarks during last night’s broadcast, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Specifically highlighting derogatory remarks made by houseguests Aaryn Gries (who’s been losing jobs left and right the past week) and GinaMarie Zimmerman, CBS showed Gries’ racism towards an Asian houseguest, a queer comment made, and another racism remark targeting a Black housemate — who Zimmerman also made a racist comment towards.

Houseguest Howard Overby (pictured) said in the diary room: “Even when these comments are made in fun, they still hurt and are disrespectful, especially when that person isn’t there to hear it and back themselves up.”

The current 15th season includes a new twist THR adds, a Big Brother MVP is selected by viewers who vote for the “best player.” These MVP’s then have the power to nominate a third person for eviction.

With CBS broadcasting some of the houseguests’ “insensitive” comments, it better informs viewers of who they should and shouldn’t vote for by seeing their true colors.

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  • Katbox

    I can’t believe people still watch this show.
    ..but then again- it’s aired during the summer when there isn’t much else to watch.

  • 2eo

    @Katbox: Those people should be flogged until their backs bleed so much it transcends any possible pleasure.

    Also, I sincerely hope it destroys the lives of the people responsible. A good old fashioned suicide of a reality star is overdue.

    Considering reality stars and viewers don’t class as people there is no guilt whatsoever.

  • MK Ultra

    It’s good that they are starting to show a teeny weeny microscopic bit more “reality” in reality shows. I remember when former Big Brother play Jeff Schroeder made several homophobic comments along the lines of “they shouldn’t have gay characters in childrens’ books (re-Dumledore from Harry Potter)” as well as some other bigoted things during the 24 hour feed.
    Not only did CBS not air them. They edited the show together to make Jeff look like some sort of hero. The “good guy” of his season.

  • Dixie Rect

    CBS is the devil!

  • OutMaturity

    I cannot believe this show is even still on, but then again there are many others just a lacking of real “entertainment” value!

    They are stooping to new lows for ratings, but I guess its the theme of network TV these days!

  • Kangol

    Glad they aired the r•acist and hom•ophobic comments, which have rightly caused an uproar outside the house, and are creating trouble inside it as well.

    I wonder why Queerty didn’t show the chief ra•cist, Aaryn, who spews such hate it’s disgusting. You have to wonder what kind of environment she comes from in Texas that she would be so full of hatred towards other people who aren’t white. The same with the woman from Staten Island, who is also really full of hate.

    Howard, pictured above, has handled things well. He’s also very hot.

  • manjoguy

    I’d like to see the media talk about the racism exhibited by Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Eric Holder, etc. Racism isn’t just a belief/practice by one race. It’s sadly shared by several.

  • Kangol


    Please, go away, and take your r•acism with you, Aaryn.

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