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  • Matt

    They need more money for HIV prevention? I’m sorry but in this day and age in America (i’m not talking about sub saharan africa) if you don’t know to wear a condom it’s your own fault. Basically the guys I know that are Poz don’t care. To them it’s just another pill they have to take. I seriously doubt spending more money on prevention is going to change the condom apathy in the gay community. The only thing that will change the community back to practicing safer sex is a strain of HIV that is extremely viralent and does not respond to medication.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Matt, you write from the perspective of fear and vitriol. Maybe, we would not have these statistics weren’t “gay” not purged from CDC memos, failed abstinence-only campaigns instead of needed comprehensive sex education (like the rest of the sane Western World) were implemented, lifting of the HIV ban so law-abiding immigrants don’t live in fear of detainment at finding out their status and thus reduce the “unknown status” epidemic spreading HIV/AIDS and that Gay men living with the virus won’t live in the shadows of stigma from a fearful society and AIDSphobia from Gays like you. I think to generalize that all HIV-positive men are Condom negligent and that all HIV-negative men strictly practice Safe Sex is simplistic and dangerous thinking. Your wish for death on others is a sign of a quite debilitating fear which has affected your rationale. Kind of sounds like the morons who have been running this country the last 8 years.

  • Matt

    Um…yeah I’m afraid of HIV Seitan…Duh

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