Check Out Tom Daley’s Bulge As He Gets A Full-Body Rubdown

tom-daley-rubdownThe final episode of Tom Daley‘s travel documentary series Tom Daley Goes Global aired in the UK last night, and it served as a wonderful excuse to serve the world with the most erotic Tom Daley fantasy come true: A full-body rubdown.

Tom’s finale episode brought him to Morocco, where the luckiest living human on Earth is awarded with the privilege of literally rubbing every square inch of Tom Daley’s beautiful, toned body after stripping him down to his underwear, stretching him out on a massage table, and pouring a bucket of water all over his body.


Observe as Tom Daley is stretched out on the alter of Everything That Is Holy, receiving the Gift of Touch from someone who is not worthy (nobody is tbh).



Look at Tom’s subtle bulge as the nerves all over his body are stimulated by the human touch.


Salivate as Tom Daley’s hairy inner thigh is manhandled and revealed to be the most beautiful sight on Earth.


Now join us in the corner for a nice, long cry.


gifs via Famous Meat

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  • ingyaom

    Where do they let you wear underpants in a Turkish bath?

  • deltabadhand


    I agree. Its like horned up 13 year olds pick and write up the stories. So many of the headlines, especially the photo collections insist the subjects are hot just and ONLY because dudes have their shirts off. I guess I’m an old prude cause shirtlessness doesn’t necessarily equal hot. And a post on a celebrity’s “bulge” isnt of any interest whatsoever.

  • Captain proton

    @TinoTurner: You’re a bit late. the sexually charged articles peaked in 2009

  • odawg

    @deltabadhand: I absolutely agree!

  • doug105

    Hmm, maybe its like yahoo were the antigays can’t help themselves, so they click and comment to then turn around and complain about all the gay stories they see.

    So thanks from the rest of us!

  • robho3

    must be a slow news day

  • mgmchicago

    hmmm… must admit, I like it.

    wonder how his pecker got moved from the upper left of his briefs when he was lying down,
    to pointing straight down when he was sitting up?

    yes, these are the kind of thoughts that keep me up at night.

  • Mezaien

    Tomey, babe try to kick me out of your bed! I won`t leave.

  • Blackceo

    Oh…is that what we’re calling a bulge these days? Ok.

  • DickieJohnson

    PLEEEEASE, Can we move on, beyond Tom Daley??? Of all Queerty’s celeb obsessions, TD’s is the longest running, and therefore, the most tiresome. Honestly, Girls, do you really think he’s so f**kin’ HOT???

  • Bopper1

    @ingyaom:…who cares?…

  • Bopper1

    @deltabadhand: …you must be dead…when a twink-something’s bulge fails to register on your meter, it’s time to retire…

  • Bopper1

    @Blackceo: …he’s beautiful, forget about it…

  • Bopper1

    @DickieJohnson: …in a word…yes…

  • Bopper1

    …Tom’s hot, he’s a positive role model, he’s successful and interesting…he’s a worthy flag bearer for the LGBT world and is well-liked by straights…get your [email protected]*t together girls…he’s the real deal…what tha [email protected]*k is all of this shade for a gay who’s fun, cool, pretty and talented?…


    I now peering into ze balls and future clearly seeing am I ..

    …I foreseeing fat future for chinless chipmunk…prison visits of close one who is liking ze pool parties…abandoned on 21st birthday binge eating ze birthday cake …zero medals….zat is all.

    Now be crossing palm with gold…Madame Snarkvlatsky not accepting inferior bronze! Thanking you please.

  • fredo777

    Yawn. At the trolls, that is.

    Tom is hot + anyone who has a problem seeing this very worthy eye candy always has the option of not clicking through to the article/post.

  • Niall

    I’d say what I really think, but it would probably get me comment banned or my comment deleted like the last time I criticized the articles by this person.

  • lykeitiz

    @Bopper1: Yeah……what YOU said!

  • dodgy

    In a Hammam in Morocco, it is de rigeur for men to keep their underwear on, or wear shorts/swimming things.

    It’s also quite rare for teenagers to show their junk on national television in the UK.


    @Niall: LOL, I hear you brother!

    Ya gotta love him tho! No, really, you’ve GOT too!

    Ooops, Gulag again!

  • stanhope

    Nothing against Tom Daly at all but can we get somebody else? Michael Sam for example along with Vito. You’ve got someone new, attractive, and positive you can feature BESIDES Tom Daly. Doesn’t look like he’s got quite as much as Dustin was getting in that video…just sayin’

  • mslater

    I believe he is quite attractive and I do not mind the eye candy by any means. Please do continue to post these amazing finds!

  • Tony Johnston

    To anyone that considers that a bulge: I feel so, so sorry for you, you poor, poor thing. *sigh*

  • hotshot70

    can we see him get a happy ending?

  • dcguys

    @deltabadhand ~ Even a moderately attractive man, fully dressed, in a B&W photo can do more for me than shirtless or pantless in many cases.

  • musclemutt

    What’s this whole craziness over “bulges.” Or “baby bumps” for that matter. It’s a media driven catfish designed to entice but not deliver on our super-eroticized to sell/prissily puritanical culture.

    If I can’t smell it in my hand I ain’t interested.

  • Doug

    Looks more and more like a couple of the writers at Queerty seriously need to get a life.

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