Chelsea Handler Finally Tells Piers Morgan What Everyone Else Is Thinking

chelsea-handler-piers-morganComedy queen Chelsea Handler visited Piers Morgan Live last night, apparently by force, to plug her new book, Uganda Be Kidding Me.

As a four-time New York Times best seller, she was clearly not having any of Morgan’s dismissive attitude regarding her work ethic and “tawdry” new memoir.

Morgan, most noted for being an insensitive asshole, asked Handler “How do you spend your life when you’re not working?”

Handler responded by reading him for filth, telling him “I have to come here and tolerate this nonsense.” She aptly described him as “a terrible interviewer” and accused him of not paying proper attention to his guests. “Maybe that’s why your job is coming to an end,” she said.

CNN previously announced that Piers Morgan Live would be getting the axe, though no official date has been announced yet. Tomorrow works for us…