Chelsea Manning reveals what she looks like now in new Instagram photo

After seven months in confinement, Chelsea Manning is a free woman again — and she wasn’t no time updating her Instagram account with a brand-new photograph, writing, “Okay, so here I am everyone!! ?”

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In 2010, Chelsea leaked nearly a million classified documents and some video material that she believed showed the United States engaging in war crimes.

Here’s the post: 

Okay, so here I am everyone!! ? . . #HelloWorld

A post shared by Chelsea E. Manning (@xychelsea87) on

h/t: Towleroad

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  • MediaGuy

    Wow. Looking good before and after. You’ve just plain got it girl. :)

  • justlookup

    The article needs to be updated she spent 7 years not 7 months in confinement.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    Much love and respect to you Chelsea, you’re a hero and a human patriot who cares about love, kindness, and justice – Please know that you have alot of those who love you and support you around the globe.

    A shinning example for the LGBT community globally.

  • Chris

    May you have a wonderful life; at peace with who you are and proud of the service you provided to this country.

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    I think her actions were largely more positive than negative. Best of luck to her in the future. She never should have spent that long in prison.

    I heard she was treated rather poorly in prison, if I remember correctly.

  • timm h

    No editors or proofreaders?

  • kevininbuffalo

    She’s a pretty lady, I wish her all the best in life.

  • Bob LaBlah

    You gotta love the U. S. of A. What other country would allow you to sell it out for no other reason than being mad at those around you whom you must take orders from, be sentences to thirty years in prison and then turn around and have that same government pay for all of your trans needs, including panties and bra?

    Oh, and a few more things too. Once you get out of prison after selling out your country you have throngs of Hollywood agents waiting for you with pen in hand to sign on to offers of soon to come reality shows, personal appearances around the country and possibly the world, all first class. She owes a lot to you queens who can’t seem to draw the line between right and wrong. An O-A-T-H to country should not be allowed to go broken and capitalized on. I find her just as disgusting as the man she walked out of prison dissing, Jenner. I disagree with Obama’s decision to release her before ten years at the minimum.

    • DCguy

      So then of course you must obviously want Trump in jail, after all, he gave Russia information that could actually jeopardize the fight against terrorism and lead to agents deaths. As opposed to Manning who gave out information that Pakistan knew about U.S. troop movements in Afghanistan and may be informing the Taliban, or that the Japanese govt. knew that that nuclear reactor wasn’t safe if hit by an earthquake.

    • Bob LaBlah

      If a comment is going to be held for moderation why not include a delete button to simply delete it ourselves? Get real Queerty.

    • Bob LaBlah


      You are correct about my wanting to see Trump go to jail. The word policing program has been put into effect that won’t allow me to answer the rest of your comment but hey, our opinions are our opinions no matter how they are being oppressed. A condition that she shuts her mouth up should have been added to her release. That queen is a looney-tune in every sense of the meaning.

  • NateOcean

    Choose your heros carefully; Chelsea Manning should not be one of them.

    Neither to the transgender community nor as a whistle-blower of military wrong doing.

    • inbama

      These are our heroes: non-binaries wearing dresses, sporting mustaches and insisting on being called “they,” and criminals who successfully sue for paid sex surgery.

      Meanwhile, LGBT cops and soldiers are now villains.

      This is how low we’ve sunk.

    • calabrazy99

      Inbama, ?????????? For you!!!!!!! The best comment on the link has been made by you. MANning is a traitor who should be incarcerated for life or put to death. And The she-male is still getting money from our government

    • calabrazy99

      Inbama the “?” Marks were stars. You’re 100% correct

    • Mo Bro

      Sadly and ironically, the left sees any American who possesses anti-American values as being “heroic” and “patriotic.”

  • Me2

    Bruce, this is how it’s done!

  • inbama

    There’s something wrong when someone’s gender outweighs betraying their country.
    Now that she knows Wikileaks is a front for Russia – a nation that persecutes gays and lesbians , jails civil rights activists and murders journalists – and helped install Donal Trump, does she have any remorse?

    • Kangol

      I hope she does, but I do wonder if Wikileaks was always the seeming Russian front it has become. Was it that when Manning shared those cables and documents?

  • Kangol

    She’s like a fiercer, prettier Taylor Swift. Do it, girl!

  • Richard 55

    He looks like a Slavic woman from Eastern Europe. Martina Navratilova wants her look back.

  • inbama

    Wikileaks was always aimed at the U.S,
    But hey, she’s hot so who cares!

  • Danny595

    Hilarious to read all these comments about how good he looks. He obviously is aging rapidly and could easily pass for a 38 year old crossdresser. Take the makeup off and maybe he could pass for 50.
    This is a mentally ill person who assaulted a woman in Kuwait and who then leaked diplomatic cables in an effort to vent his personal rage, to destroy diplomacy and, as he himself acknowledged to ex-hacker Adrian Lamo, to create havoc. He isn’t a hero.

  • DMRX

    Another poorly-fact-checked article by David Grant, who doesn’t know the difference between years and months.

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