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Chely Wright Didn’t Know You Knew She Was May 5’s Coming Out

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You might have heard that country singer-songwriter Chely Wright is a lesbian! You might’ve also heard how her publicist Howard Bragman managed to infuriate the entire entertainment press with his bungled, let-down-y unveiling. But Ben & Dave’s Six Pack was among her publicity stops, and perhaps her most revealing.

Like she did in every other interview, Wright brings up the 9mm she had in her mouth at one point. But she also talks about the speculation that was leading up to the May 5 reveal, spoiled early by this website.

“I have been off the grid for about six weeks, so I didn’t even know until last Friday that there was even a buzz going on,” she tells Ben and Dave. “I wasn’t aware of it until my manager called me last Friday.”

Pick up your phone, lady!

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