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Cheyenne Jackson, Jonathan Bennett & other LGBTQ+ stars available on Cameo for under $100

Cheyenne Jackson, Bruno Alcantara, Jonathan Bennett, Jai Rodriguez

Earlier this week, Cheyenne Jackson nearly broke the internet with a sizzling thirst trap flaunting his gloriously jacked physique. Who knew?!

Those who were able to pry their gaze past the sight of the 48-year-old’s pumped pecs, sculpted abs and vascular arms may have noticed that Jackson actually used his hirsute Ken doll musculature to promote his return to the video messaging website Cameo.

If you are unfamiliar, Cameo allows users to get participating celebrities to record a personalized video message for a fee. You provide all the details of what you want them to say and they have 7 days to complete the video. You are then free to share the clip as you wish.

Celebrities set their rate, so those with deep pockets will need to drop $300 or more to get the likes of Lance Bass, Debra Messing, or Elijah Wood to send a quick selfie video. While fans of Fire Island hunk Conrad Ricamora may need to forgo rent in order to splurge on the $999 he’s asking for one of his visual messages.

Fortunately, not everyone on Cameo will make you break the bank in order to surprise a loved one with a special message from their favorite famous face.

So round up your coins and click through to see some of the fabulous queer celebrities available on Cameo for less than $100 per message right now. Get those orders in quick, though, because we have a feeling their rates might be going up soon 😉…

Glenn Scarpelli

The One Day at a Time star will bring all the nostalgia vibes to fans of a certain age for $69.

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  • keyth57

    Why wasn’t Perez Hilton on this list ? Oh wait……never mind.

  • ScottOnEarth

    Alec Mapa would be worth every penny of his $69 fee. He is so hilarious, adorable and charming.

  • JClark

    I just bought a birthday Cameo for my husband from Jimbo for only $80. What a bargain! I’m surprised she’s not on this list and that she’s still doing Cameo after her big win on All Stars. The Cameo was warm and funny, nothing less than what I’d expect from her. That girl is a true professional. Some other queens on Cameo have a surprisingly inflated sense of their value.

  • Tad

    I’ve always felt this to be a desperate cash grab for most celebs and I would bet that most of them would prefer not to have to shill themselves for a quick buck. It’s almost as sad as the psychic hot line Dionne Warwick and others did for a time. But I get it. You have to find a way to make money when the roles are sparse, or you’ve overspent trying too hard to be in the public eye or maintain your online prestige.

  • guezwhoitis

    I know it’s a struggle, but 100.00 to see these “celebs” send you a PAID greeting because you paid them! This is just sad!

  • GrantS

    Such negativity! Some of these celebs certainly DON”T need the money and are loaded. Just maybe some of them are doing it because they want to make people happy. Weird thought, I know.


    i loves me some Bruno, but i’ll keep my money in my pocket.

  • winemaker

    Another example of some people having more money to piss away than brains.if you don’t understend this, sadly you’re clueless.

  • bachy

    Hey it’s Che Diaz!
    Happy Birthday Homie!

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