Cheyenne Jackson Splits From Husband, Shaves Head, Grows Mustache, Gets “Prison Tattoos”

cheyenenajcskon tatto1

Update: Jackson’s publicist released a statement to confirm the split between Cheyenne Jackson and Monte Lapka that read, “Cheyenne Jackson and his husband Monte Lapka have mutually decided to divorce. The couple have been together for 13 years, and  were married in NY State 2 years ago. It is an amicable parting and understandably, a private matter.”

Queerty previously reported:

The Hollywood heartbreak bug bites again this week, as sources close to Broadway babe Cheyenne Jackson confirm he has fled New York City and split from Monte Lapka, his equally handsome husband of nearly two years, to reportedly move in with a new boyfriend in West Hollywood.

Jackson and his new boyfriend — who has been described as a “very young man”— were seen canoodling for the first time since his split last weekend at a pool party in Hollywood. A source tells Queerty Jackson arrived in swimwear, spent most of the evening “talking about himself” and showed off his brand-new tattoos:

“Cheyenne has shaved his head, covered his once gorgeous body in what I can only describe as prison tattoos and is now sporting a handlebar mustache. His inner arm has a tattoo of the AA slogan ‘Life on life’s terms.’ The other ones look  like  they were done by an inmate at San Quentin.”

Previously, Jackson had said his move to Los Angeles and the ‘stache were due to a recently landed movie role.

Jackson and Lapka seemed like the perfect couple, but, hey, with marriage equality will come the occasional sorrowful break-up. We wish both men much future happiness.


Chey Jacskon Tatto


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  • muscl954

    Oy Vey!! Why? Why? Why?

  • Kangol

    But why get married if 1) you are not going to have an open marriage or 2) you feel you may want to jump ship so easily? What was the purpose of tying the knot with Monte Lapka?

    They could have just dated for 2 years and called it quits.

    If you have to get married, make a real commitment. It’s not like buying a cute pair of shoes and then deciding, these are out of fashion, throwing them out, and saying let’s get some new ones. Or maybe now with gay marriages, as is the case with so many heterosexual marriages, it is.

    Gay liberation really did lay out the problems of heteronormative marriage very well. To bad too many of us have totally missed or forgotten those analyses.

  • rand503

    @Kangol: Chill. This is how marriage is for celebrities, gay and straight. He didn’t treat his marriage like a cute pair of shoes because he’s gay but because he is a an LA celebrity. He has more in common with Britney Spears than with any gay couple down the street.

  • Zodinsbrother

    Those tats are effing fugly

  • asby

    sounds like a mid life crisis….and i hope that one tattoo is fake…..cause he is starting too look like a weho tweaker with typical bad tattoos

  • SebX

    It’s never fun to see couples break up, but to see a talented (and hot) actor ruin his working tool (body) with those classless and tasteless tattoos and, alledgedly, moving in witha younger man so fast could probably point that the break up affected him too much, or he’s going through some kind of mid-life crisis… and not handling it very well. :/

  • MJSR

    This is a person. He has his troubles like everyone else; unfortunately, they tend to be a bit more publicized due to the nature of his work/business-life. Makeup can cover tattoos; relationships change as the individual can. Why do we feel we have the right to speculate on the insoles of the shoes we’ve never walked in?

  • jhwpbm5187

    @Kangol: I couldn’t agree more!

  • jhwpbm5187

    @Zodinsbrother: maybe he had a breakdown. only thing certain… he’s going to regret those tats… if you want to write on yourself, just use a pen or a marker… if you want a tat, find an artist who can give you something to be proud of for the the rest of your life… you dig?

  • niles

    Oh great, now you are taking your “news” from a bitchy queen report. Why don’t you wait and hear from Cheyenne before pronouncing his marriage dead.

  • dunivant66

    What was his boyfriend thinking? Cheyenne is a good looking guy. Sucks to be the boyfriend!

  • Daniel-Reader

    Kinda cray-cray with the tats.

  • niles

    You people are imbeciles, who says the tats are even real.

  • Gigi Gee

    “What was his boyfriend thinking? Cheyenne is a good looking guy. Sucks to be the boyfriend!”

    1. Who’s to say that his boyfriend was the one that left?
    2. Good looking guys can be assholes.

  • balehead

    The young boo in question has a history of drug dealing….hmmmm…

  • miagoodguy

    I am shocked

  • ouragannyc

    Maybe it’s a phase…
    Maybe he got the tatoos for a movie he’s shooting…
    Maybe he’s on drugs…

  • stfallon1028

    His character on the Onion News Empire was illiterate, I don’t think CJ’s acting in that role was much of a stretch. This would seem to serve as further evidence

  • He_Is

    He must be having a breakdown or something. He and his partner were together for 12 or 13 years. I read an article last year (?) thinking about how great that was.
    Cheyenne has always given off that douche-y vibe though, maybe Monte just wasn’t having it anymore?

  • balehead

    Now he’s partying in Vancouver with the same crowd Cory Monteith was partying with…..

  • Cam

    So is what Amanda Bynes has catching?

  • B Damion

    Hey..Mr.Savage? Are you making mental notes? This is where open marriages end up. Shit creek!

  • SebX

    @niles: The forearm tattoo looks very real with the skin surround in it being more inflammated. Too real up-close to be just make-up.

  • balehead

    He’s hawt..can’t wait for the nude selfies!!!

  • TampaBayTed

    Who’s Cheyenne Jackson? Where did he get those tats? Prison tats are better than what he’s got.

  • MartyO49

    It’s a shame..They were brains & brawny and something of role models. Now, he seems to want an edgier look and life. Good luck to all.

  • Hakan

    He’s been heavily into drugs and booze, and cheated on his husband with a young man he met in AA meetings, no wonder they’re divorced. I just hope that Monte soon finds another guy

  • niles

    As I said before, you are a bunch of imbeciles willing to believe anything this shameful rag
    puts before you with no proof – just another vicious ugly queen spewing bile because
    someone has had some success and isn’t an ugly troll like you.

  • WOWfactor

    Less than a year ago, Jackson was offering his secrets for a strong marriage in the Advocate. WTF?!!!!

  • mcflyer54

    With marriage equality comes divorce equality. Jackson, a long time Broadway stage regular, seems to have gone Hollywood – not a gender thing, a celebrity thing. I can’t for the life of me imagine why he would choose the extreme tattoos that he did but it’s his body and, although it could have some negative career impact, they’re not hurting anyone. Cheyenne Jackson is not, nor has he ever claimed to be, representing gay marriage or the gay community. Jackson is representing himself and that is how it should be.

  • bigrawtop

    Where’s the photo of him in his swimsuit?

  • Eiswirth

    Covering that beautiful body with ink is a sacrilege. Have your flings; grow a mustache; whatever. But no ink! It’s disgusting.

  • unlguyfl

    maybe he just found out Menudo broke up…

  • DarkZephyr

    Oh my goodness. :( I really held him up high on a pedestal. :( And the tats are not pretty at all. :(

  • WOWfactor

    We have a Hollywood actor with a history of alcoholism that was raised Mormon and is acting in an unstable manner. This really shouldn’t be news. It would be news if he was completely stable.

  • billforsyth

    This happens all too often. A couple live together for years, in their case 13 ,then get married and it all ends in tears.

  • Critifur

    I was more surprised that he got married at all, knowing what I know about Cheyenne from 2004. That he is divorcing makes great sense. The cause of the sudden body mods, and a very young lover just makes me sad.

  • Footie

    He appears to have the lyrics to Elvis Presley’s “Big Boots” tatooed on his arm:

    I’m gonna tell you a little secret
    You won’t believe it’s true
    Did you know your
    Daddy Big Boots
    Once wore little boots like you

  • mistermark

    He was beautiful and looked like classic “old Hollywood” which made me find him handsome. Here, he just looks dirty and lost and I have no idea why he would start doing this to himself. Ughs. Oh well…

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