Chinese Gay Groups, Parents Protest Homophobic Educational Guide

In a sign of just how far progress has been made in China, both parents and LGBT activists are decrying the inclusion of anti-gay commentary in the latest version of an educational booklet published by educators in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China.

The booklet, “Parents, Please Walk Your Child Through Puberty” (right), claims that because homosexuals are not generally accepted, they tend to be antisocial and eccentric. “They are also starkly different from normal people in terms of outlook on life and views on morality,” reads on passage. “These problems are evident in their relationships with each other and in their relationships with other members of society.”

But how do you really feel?

The self-styled experts in the Hangzhou Education Bureau and Hangzhou Education Research Institute go on to argue that if only homosexuals could practice some measure of restraint, they would be rid of their antisocial tendencies.

Activist Wang Long worries that these sorts of cure-the-gay elixirs—which even the Chinese Psychological Society has dismissed—are being taken as gospel by locals. “Once these textbooks are delivered to children and parents, they are very likely to be regarded as the truth, and this will mislead the public.”

After protests by Wang and others, textbook editor Hang Siping promised to remove the offending material, saying, “In the course of writing and publishing this book, we have not consulted a lot of materials on homosexuality. It was inevitable to have words that some have considered discriminatory. “

In other words, they just made it up.


Source: The Shanghaiist